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Pillion Experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grange, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. This afternoon , I took my son for his first ride on any motorbike as a pillion.
    It also was my first time taking someone as well.
    Whilst I was probably a little more cautious on going around bends, and leaving a little more distance between us and the cars in front, the overall experience was not as bad as I thought it would have been.
    He sat and held on just as I had told him to, and I never got a tap on the shoulder to say slow down, although I did not go faster than the speed limits anyway.
    I was definately aware of having the extra weight on the bike, and having a bit of a see saw effect when getting away from lights when changing gear.
    Overall, was a good trip, although we kept it to about 1 hour, as well as giving myself the knowledge as to what to expect when pillioning someone.

  2. That's great Grange that it all went well :) Also good that you got to share you love of bikes with your Son! Did he enjoy it?
  3. Thats good that you both enjoyed it. Can't wait till I'm off restrictions so I can take a pillion...
  4. Great news Grange, you could have brought him up to Lawson for coffee.

    How old is he?
  5. I think in Vic it's 8 years and over. My five year olds got the gloves, so we'll keep adding stuff in the right size for when he turns 8.

    It'll be fun.....

  6. It's a great feeling isn't it?
    Just about 2 months ago got the ok from the wife to take the 11yo daughter on the back as she has been pestering for the last couple of years, gotta laugh as she looks like a mini michelin man in all the gear.
    The first ride with her I looked in the mirror and saw she had her left arm out then looked in the other mirror to find the other arm out,:shock: she was playing the scene from Titanic, :) so I quickly pulled up and reminded her of the dangers of riding.
    She has been a great pillion since and is still quite relaxed because quite often I can hear her singing as we travel. Something tells me that I have created a monster.:roll: Kev.
  7. My son is 16 , actually old enough to get his L's for bike , but I don't think he is worried about it , as he hasn't got L's for car yet either.
    And yes , I think he enjoyed it. I had said to him previously that if he wanted to come for a run , I would take him.
    We stopped for fuel at one stage , and I said to him , we should go past his mothers place to piss her off, but apperently she had asked him before if or when he was going for a ride with dad.

    Sorry Jason , had to take daughter to work (in the car) at about the same time, damn 15 yr old , with her first job.
  8. I recently took my GF as a pillion for the first time and didn't find it as hard as I thought. I get pushed forward a lot when braking and find shifting up a little more difficult to keep smooth but overall not to bad. I think because she is a lot lighter than me makes things easier.
    I also took a mate recently and instead of holding onto me he held onto the grab rail. Because of this I was very weary of any quick acceleration. It seems that the grab rail is better for braking but holding around the body is better for acceleration.
  9. I'm actually a big fan of holding "around the body" when I'm a pillion, or I'm taking someone on the back of my bike.

    I find it's better for braking as well as acceleration. When I'm on the back I put my arms around the hottie up front, and my hands on the tank. This way when the bike brakes hard I have the tank to push against, and if the bike accelerates real quick I have the rider in front to hang on to.

    The only down side is if you feel weird hugging your mate. I find that it's not all that intimate anyway though because with your hands on the tank, you don't have to worry about groping their ass and bits.

    The grab rail I find alright for easy cruising but under acceleration or braking I find my arms will get tired.
  10. Hahahaha that made me laugh out loud!
  11. LMFAO, reminds me of when I was a toddler on the farm. We used to sit on Uncle Dons or Dads motorbike, on the fuel tank, and hold onto the handle bars. T'was well awesome.

    Can't wait 'till I have a daughter of my own and can take her riding :)
  12. i take all sorts of people on my bike, mates, girls, relatives, brother, sisters...

    i give them the 5 min lecture...this is how u hold on, lean into the corners, bear hug me if i say hold on etc etc....

    everyone loves it, a couple of people were a bit phobic but overcome this in 5 mins... havent taken mum yet i think she will freak..

    3 of my mates have gone for their licence after coming on the back with me.. it spreads!
  13. I take paying pillion passengers on the back of my HD for harley rides. Thousands over the last 10 years or so..

    First thing I tell them is that they can't fall off as long as the bike is in motion.

    I then tell them to imagine they are sitting in an aircraft and explain that they don't need to change their seating position when a plane banks and that the same applies for bikes.

    I tell them to just forget about doing anything - the more they thing about it, the more they are likely to stuff it up. If I yell at them if they stuff it up, they soon learn. I don't need to yell at many BTW :)
    Generally, they want to hold on tight for the first few minutes but when they realize they aren't going to fall anywhere the grip is pretty relaxed by the end of the ride.

    Carrying a pillion you must remember the Extra Weight - will affect breaking distances. Especially in the wet. I hear of too many riders losing control at night with a pillion.
  14. +1
    Classic !! :LOL:
  15. I got a new bike a few weeks ago which is my first bike in about 10 years, so it's been a steep learning curve getting used to riding again. It's been a bit daunting dinking my wife about on the bike as well as she's the only pillion I've ever ridden with. Needless to say we take it very easy everywhere we go on the bike, but we've been having a blast anyway.
  16. I don't think that's in place yet. They have to be able to touch the pegs and have an approved helmet to be a pillion
  17. I find that if you have someone light on the back, its soo easy and no different to riding solo, except ur got someone holding on for dear life on the back..

    If your got a heavier person, or inexperienced elder (my mum), you'll find that riding with the pillion is sh*t house i think and you just cant wait to get them off and feel much lighter.. also my mum leans the opposite way you lean even though you tell her over and over to lean the same slightly, so you end up fighting with control :LOL:
  18. I look forward to having the option of being able to take a pillion when I've gotten my full license and had it for long enough to lift restrictions. Still haven't figured out what I'd do about a helmet for them, though...
  19. Buy a new, better one for youself, and let them wear your old one! :)
  20. Buy a medium or large cheap one on sale. Unless it's for a partner etc, then look at getting one that will fit them properly.