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pillion comfort?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. I read an amusing blog once by a guy touring around France with his wife.
    he pulled into a police station somewhat concerned because he'd just realised she was'nt on the back.
    they did find her however, waiting at a service station he'd visited earlier in the day.

    But, the purpose of this thread is to find out what others have done to their bikes to make passengers more comfortable... any mods, ideas etc
  2. Blog linky? :D

    My best friend has been a pillion a few times, however, she's hesitant to get back on after the last time. Usually, I'll pillion her for about 20 minute trips or less, but the last time was a 1.5 hour ride, then I made her jump out of a plane with me for her bday, then a 1.5 hour ride to wollongong, and then a 2.5 or 3 hour trip home with a petrol stop :p

    What did I do to make her more comfortable? I let her make me as uncomfortable as is humanly possible! She leant all her weight on me, wouldn't sit back, helmet bumps happened EACH time I slowed, and she killed my back and arms! Hahaha. Worst . Pillion. Ever! But I still love her :D

    She's not a bikey chick unfortunately, however she's trying. I'm sure one day she'll just hop on and realise all is okay and will sit back and enjoy the ride. :)

    And to make her more comfortable, I gave her my ipod to listen to for the shorter trips, but forgot it for the longer one! DOH!
  3. Let's see. I sawed my seat in half and replaced the rear half with a 200mm square bit of ally plate covered with a thin layer of foam, wrapped in part of the sleeve of an old leather jacket. At the same time, I removed the rear mudguard and fitted a side-mount plate so that water, dog turds and bits of tread spraying from the knobbly rear tyre would shoot strait up the passenger's back.

    Oddly enough, I only ever carried two pillions after that, one of whom (oh delicious irony) was the mate who'd talked me into it all in the first place. After he travelled on this luxurious perch from London to Bristol one cold, wet spring day he was heard to remark "Oh God, the only bits that don't hurt are numb".
  4. haha Pat

    sorry Holly, read it ages ago
  5. standard gsx100esd. Mrs foot falls asleep on the back.
  6. Bump for hints and tips!

    I have a z750, which has the same setup as a zx6r. Which means it is shite for pillion-ing... which is a shame, as my girlfriend quite enjoys it.. The seat apparently digs into... umm.. sensitive areas, and the fender eliminator directs water up my passengers back.

    Only tip I have is to get your passenger to grip you and the bike with their legs, and hold themselves upright(more or less) with their stomach muscles. Prevents a lot of head-bumping, and push/pull on the throttle and brakes.
  7. Apart from the fact that she was leaning into you...aren't helmet taps a sign of un-smooth gear changes? :-s
  8. Ahahaha, no, every time I slowly broke, she'd slam into me. Her helmet was about an inch or less away.

    Even just cruising at 60 going over a small pot-hole she'd bump into my helmet.
  9. I cut and lowered my seat 3 inches, the pillion seat is now level so she doesnt slide forward any more and squash me, Coming through Icy creek, I got this tap tap tap on my shoulder,
    Yep, she's sound asleep, Hahahahaha, She puts her hands in my leather jacket pockets and cant fall off, and I know precisely where she is as I am riding,
    I DONT know why Honda stuck the seat up so high, It is totally unnesesary being stuck up in the air like it is,
  10. Really BIG helmet taps are bad gear changes or emergency braking.

    Little taps are slack arse or tired pillions. I had a girl up one day (who was a rider also) that was getting tired towards the end of the day. The little taps were getting more and more frequent, as in, a tap every 1-2 seconds on the tiniest of bumps at slow speeds. While I tried to control myself I snapped and threw my head back quickly and gave her a good knock. She stopped. So did the sex.

    (but not because of the little reminder tap).

    We had a laugh about it later (ish).

    In all seriousness, while I LOVE my Daytona, its a total pig of a bike to be pillion on. It's hard on the wrists, and said pillion above already had an RSI problem developing from work in her wrists, so the bike wasn't helping. We experimented with her leaning her weight on me to ease her wrists, while it was killing mine, and with as gentle braking as possible it didn't solve the problem. We also agreed, when I point to the sky, she can sit up as I won't be using any throttle or acceleration without first pulling her arm forward to let her know I would be using throttle or leaning the bike over. While she understood it she said she felt more comfortable leaning forward rather then trying to balance and counter all the bumps in the road while sitting upright.

    All I could work on was very gentle braking, gear changes were down pat with low amounts of power and trying to avoid bumps. But eventually the RSI got worse and she was missing work so riding pil on the Daytona wasn't an option.