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Pillion Carrying Tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GreenNinja, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    i would like to know some pillion carrying tips?

    *i know one, which is to tell the pillion to lean with u.
    *also the chain needs to be adjusted if u regularly carry pillions.

    How does carry a pillion affect the chain? (life and tension eg)
  2. Depends if you're really revving it to accelerate at usual rate with the extra weight.
    Weight adds load which adds wear to the chain.

    Unless you are pillioning frequently, don't worry - just do normal maintenance intervals.

    If a pillion is going to affect the balance bike negatively - it will be at low speed.

    So when coming to a stop - put BOTH of your legs out on either side to steady the bike; coz you never know which way they'll lean to look at what's going on in front of you :)

    Get them to hold onto you [especially if they are a good looking female] while accelerating and cornering, but when slowing or stopping - ask them to push on the fuel tank to take their weight off your back.

    Be aware of increased stopping distance with the extra weight, and be aware that you may not have the usual amount of upper body and head movement for checking blind-spots etc. so be careful.
  3. Think this topic has come up a few times however i wouldn't be telling a pillion to lean with you, best if only one person is steering the bike :grin:

    Just tell the pillion to relax and go with the bike, you don't want them oversteering or fighting against the corner
  4. I tell the pillion to sqeeze their thighs against mine, like they're riding a horse.
  5. For the sake of your testicles the fuel tank is the best spot for their hands. That way they only have to "catch" you while accelerating... and they can push on it while braking lik Ktulu said. One of my mates is 115kg.... never pillioning him EVER again.
  6. NO!! you tell the pillion to NOT lean with you and you as a rider use more steering, because at low speed corners things may get a little dangerous :wink:
  7. All of what everyone said is good, When i pillion i only tell them 2 things, if im going to go fast i'll tap your leg or tell you and 2 you can either hold on to me or the bike, holding on to me is safe, counter steer corners they can lean the other way it wont do anything, well no to me anyway.

    And if they are bad you can always let one rip and it'll go straight to their helmet. :cheeky:
  8. I just tell them to stay sitting straight upright relative to the bike, even when cornering. I explain how a bike steers by weight distribution, hence the need for them to essentially become a mostly rigid part of the bike. Most get it pretty quickly. Oh and minimal wriggling especially when going slow, plus no putting their feet down [-X

    How they hold on is another issue that can vary from bike to bike. It does get annoying when you keep getting headbutted from behind or shoved into the tank. Good solid handles for the pillion usually solves that, but those little straps between the seats aren't too great. The pushing off the fuel tank thing sounds like a good idea.

    As to riding - do everything smoother and give a lot more room for braking etc. You need to compensate for the extra weight and you don't want to freak them out. After all you want them to ride with you again right?

    Oh and it's a good idea to get them to wear appropriate clothing. Though not the best, most people can usually rustle up some jeans, sturdy shoes, and a thick jacket of some description. Gloves are a good idea too. Better safe than sorry, and they are putting their life in your hands and may not know enough to make an informed descision about squidding it or not.
  9. Thanks Guys. I also de-restrict in 3 weeks and my son is waiting to start coming out on the bike. Very carefully and short distances. Thanks again for the tips.
  10. i think the funniest time ive dinkied some1 was when a couple of mates came over. I let one of them on with me when we went somewhere and he couldnt get the grin of his face so my other mate wanted a shot. I kinda hesitated because hes a big boy - 145kgs 6ft something. So reluctantly i said ok - i hoped on and then it was his turn - i shit you not the bike dropped about 10 inches, we both had out feet on the ground.

    Well this was on a cagiva 1000 and it was struggling - felt like riding a 250 again. Given it a good handfull of throttle but we wern't going anywhere. After we took off the front wheel kept on coming up not from the power but the weight at the back. Well that was the last time ill do that again.
  11. Yeah the increased tendancy to mono is something to be aware of :LOL:

    Especially with the smaller bikes, you have to rev it up a bit more to get it going with the extra weight. But if you over-do it, the excessive power plus the extra weight over the back tyre makes wheelies rather easy. I remember taking off at the lights once with my little 2-stroke and my mate on the back. Monoed it right through the traffic lights. Certainly got the heart rate up. It was the first and last time my mate pillioned.
    Nearly killed my sister and myself when a kid by nearly monoing through a fence on a dirt bike.

    Ah those were the days.
  12. Don't do it, take a car, i know what the bike will do with just me and i know what i'll do in case i have to dump the bike,

    If you have that second guessing for a second it could be your arse and theirs,

    That and if i crashed and killed the pillion and i lived, i doubt i could live with that.

    All the best!!!
  13. Get them to look to the side of your head when turning. ie when going right they should be looking forward, and to the right of your head.
  14. :rofl: as some of the replies :grin:

    I pillion my younger kids on the GS cause they are only 35 odd kg's. Put much more weight on and the front wheel is hardly touching the ground :evil:

    Tell your son to sit his bum down and try not to do any leaning and also if he has to move (stretch legs or something) tell him to do it slowly and smoothly, no sudden jerky movements.

    Just take it gently to start with and you'll work it out between you :)
  15. I just got off restrictions, and have pillioned a couple of times... the time your most unstable is at low speeds, try and ride like normal, and just keep movements smooth. The pillion relys on predictability... accelerate too hard, they will get nervous, keep em calm, all goes well.