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Pikes Peak 2013

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by RRdevil, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. So an electric bike has beaten petrol machines up pikes peak by 12 seconds. That is the future.

  2. video ????
  3. There's only a practice video so far. But looks fast. I'd buy one if it was the right price and had a decent range

    Now I can't find it
  4. Multistrada ridden by Greg Tracy
    That is fast enough.
  5. I also believe amcn are wrong as by my calculations it was a bit over a 20 second gap
  6. It's making me want to go and do collingrove hill climb on the husky.
  7. Bit tight and short, Willunga is better and faster
  8. Hmmm might have to get involved. Collingrove would be good start. Already looking at case savers and steering dampener
  9. Just a bit stunned that a Ducati won pikes peak...especially a Multistrada. Didn't any other bikes show up?....

    Kobo :cool:
  10. Those multistrada 1200 go pretty hard.
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    Yeh, but now it's fully paved you would expect the sports to take the gong.

    Was mentioned in something recently, maybe Tuned(?) but electric vehicles have a huge advantage at pikes because they don't breath air, so they can maintain a constant power all the way to the top. This would be exceedingly noticeable on bikes as they are naturally aspirated, turbo engines could progressively increase boost the higher they climb.
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  12. True. Would really like to ride pikes peak. Would be a rush. Wouldn't have to be super fast just fast within comfort zone
  13. A stock Zero FX bike did it in 12 minutes flat, which I guess doesn't sound great compared to those 10 minute times, but it's only 20 seconds behind the 250cc bike class record. :-O
  14. Is the Ducati dominance partly about being able to get on the power soon out of corners?
  15. Heh, linked off that Pike's Pike run to a Multistrada review vid... only to find out at the end it was made by 'Our Loz'...
  16. The Ducati dominance is due to being the only real 'factory' team there. Pikes Peak is still fairly amateur. In someways, bit like the Isle of Man but probably more so.

    The reason the electric bikes can succeed is 10 minutes is a nice short time for a battery to last. 20minutes at the TT is a struggle. Obviously 10 minutes is more manageable or even a sweet spot.

    Ducati have done well in the past as they are the only big dual sport bikes that suited the dirt/paved track. now that it's fully paved, more sport oriented bikes should do well. But it's not a fast track. Not much over 200kph top speeds. Another reason why the Duc's are competitive, or not as far behind a proper 200+hp superbike. All about torque.

    And what do electric bikes do best? Torque.
    They also struggle getting much more than the top speed at this track so ideally suited.

    On my bucket list is to race at the Isle of Man TT. I plan to do that next year at the Manx Grand Prix.

    But quickly getting on this list is also Pikes Peak. One of the few true old school races in the world. Isle of Man, Pikes Peak, Le Mans, Indy 500 and I'm struggling to think of any others.

    And as for electric bikes, I'm a huge fan. Never ridden one but love the idea behind them and would consider one as a fun track bike. Range is still a problem, but as far as speed and fun, hell yeah!
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  17. Bring on the 1190 Katoom, and a real contest :)
  18. Ahhh.. I didn't realise those stipulations. All makes sense now.

    Probably to protect Ducati who have been a bit supporter. Thanks for the info!