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Pigs might fly

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Motobike_Mike, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Smart@®$es say "Yeah, and pigs might fly."

    Well its all over the news...

    Swine Flu.
  2. That was so devastatingly bad that I couldn't help but laugh.
  3. +1 :LOL:
  4. ohhhhhhhhh...
  5. Oh man *slaps palm on head*

    So low it made me giggle :p .
  6. Gold!

    So simple :LOL:
  7. You, sir, win and internets.
  8. don't you dare, ever, complain about any of MY jokes after THAT one :LOL:.
  9. oh god... :LOL:
  10. =D

    So worth it!

    <--- Is a fan of lame-ass jokes.
  11. lol awesome
  12. i called the swine flu hotline about that joke, but all i got was....

    crackling. :LOL:
  13. like what you did there :wink:
  14. G'day everyone,.....

    It was once said that pigs will fly when a black man is elected president.

    Sure enough, 100 days into Obama's presidency, swine flu.

    Dr Who?