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pigs might fly 2

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by slowmark, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. did you here they found a cure for swine flu?

  2. enough

    cease now, or I will have to seek you out and give you the chop

    a pork chop, of course.....
  3. oh crap i LOL'd so hard at the unexpected pork chop reply - well done
  4. Paul, as you sow so shall ye reap! :p

    Edit: I think this could get to be a very boaring subject! :roll:
  5. indeed, I have a horrible feeling this thread is going to go sow.....
  6. ENOUGH ](*,)
  7. Now he's going to claim it wasn't kosher! :LOL:

    And Paul - you can't win this one - St Anthony is the Patron Saint of Bacon so I've got help! :p
  8. I wouldn't bet the farm on that; my middle name is Anthony :rofl:

    Golly, he comes cheap too: $4.95!!!
  9. Oh would you guys stop rooting around?!!

  10. aw, c'mon, where would Netrider be without awful puns littering the boards??
  11. Finally they have found the source of the swine flu outbreak :grin:

  12. And still no Harley jokes! :wink:
  13. No more puns, or you guys will be in big truffle!
  14. If you have swine flu spend the night in a smoke-filled room and you'll be cured. :roll:
  15. There ya go. Harleys and the source of the flu all in the one picture :grin:

  16. Well, if the room was hot enough you'd at least be bakin'
  17. Dreadful.
  18. yep, it's a shot in the ribs alright!