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pigeons die!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by imajo, May 3, 2006.

  1. My next door neighbour (old lady) has been feeding a few pigeons well a couple months later a few pigeons have turned into the whole melbourne pigeon population. Well today has kinda tipped me over the edge - having a smoke outside I look up and i see between 15 and 20 pigeons sitting on my antenna. I grab a broom and start swinging it around hoping they would fly off but i think they're just thinking "you bloody idiot" so i grabbed the cat and throw it on the roof and yep they fly off. Now i have a bent up antenna.

    Anyone know how to get rid of these flying rats? besides shooting them?

  2. yea, feed em' bread soaked in whiskey. When they fall off the perch snap there neck and feed your cat!!!!

    Yea your right I HATE PIDGEONS!!!!!
  3. Oh, what a shame. I thought this was one of Netrider's recipe threads, and the subject was pigeon PIE! :LOL:

    You'll need to contact your local council, who will probably insist on the dear lady NOT encouraging the pigeons around. Hopefully when they finally realise that they are not up for a free feed, they should thin out in numbers....
  4. Sorry about your problem. You are just like the man in tonight's 7's Today Tonight. He had the same problem. His neighbour, also an old lady has been feeding the wild birds in her backyard which is making the man's life miserable.
  5. Shoot the old lady, she cant feed them then and they will either piss off or starve to death :grin: :grin:
  6. The was an report on Today Tonight tonight ( :roll: ) about this same thing.

    We live in the country and love the birdlife, but not to the extent that we encourage them by feeding.

    It will get to the stage where you can't hang washing out, leave vehicles parked outside, kids can't play in the yard etc etc.

    Husbands solution for them was to get a cat :grin:
  7. I love the line from "Frasier".

    Niles: "I detest pidgeons. They have no respect for public art".
  8. In Sydney it's illegal to feed the pigeons.

    Seriously, it's against the law of the council and you can get fined if someone dobs you in.
  9. Start feeding the neighbourhood cats...in a few months you should have the whole melbourne population of cats scaring away those pesky flying rats.

    Of course then you may have to start feeding the neighbourhood dogs....
  10. is the cat still on the roof?
  11. Apologies to all bird lovers out there... :)

    Try wrapping Alka Seltzer in a small piece of bread. If they're pigs like Sea Gulls they'll go nuts over it.. pretty soon they'll start foaming from every orofice.. no gag reflex.
    I don't know if it'll get rid of them but its piss funny to watch!! :LOL: :LOL: :p
  12. hehehe lol yammychick
    i was going to be humane and soak some bread in some weed stuff that says POSION and then feed it hoping they will fly away and start dropping out of the sky.

    hehehe nah cat was on there running around jumped off and havnt seen it since.

    I swear pigons during the day and out come the bloody annoying possums
  13. Keep an eye on the old lady. Whenever you see her feeding the bastards, chuck firecrackers at them. :wink:
  14. or feed her rat poison!?
  15. Ker-lass-ic!!!!!!! :LOL:
  16. Put a scarepidgeon on the roof??
  17. It's a pity they're not dolphins. My niece has figured out a remarkably unique way to deal with the dolphin problem. :wink:

    Unfortunately for you, whilst this 4yr old has a passionate hate for dolphins, I don't think pidgeons bother her. :LOL:
  18. Ok I'll bite...

    Do we have to track down your niece and ask her, or are you gonna share her 'remarkably unique way to deal with the dolphin problem' with us?
  19. Niece: Daddy, I don't like dolphins.

    Dad: Why not sweetie.

    N: Because they eat all the fish.

    D:-*says nothing and ponders this notion*

    N: ....So.... I think we should eat the dolphins. But we couldn't eat them when they're alive because they might bite us. We need to kill them with a shovel so they can't bite us, and we can kill all of them so their will be enough for everybody.

    *niece smiles and walks out the back door (presumably to look for a shovel)* :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Wow, is there anything a shovel can't do???

    Do the aspirin thing... If you can handle the guilt, hehe :wink: