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Pie shop reviews from around Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. I won't hide from it, I'm a tight arse. I'll finish someone elses meal that i don't even like when I'm not even hungry just because I don't want to see it wasted. But something I don't mind putting a little coin into is a good pie. And we are spoilt in Australia. Most countries would not have a single pie shop that was "the best pies in *insert said country*". But we have hundreds, some even best in the world, some even best in the universe.

    So here is the thread to review gourmet pie shops.

    Today I went to Hayden's pies, Ulladulla. It came highly recommended and I was salivating the thought of a gourmet pie.

    First thing is service. It's a pie shop. Service usually goes step 1 money, step 2 pie. It is not difficult. So I gave her my money. Stood around. No pie. I was wondering if this was some fancy new place where there is some master chef style plating that requires you to sit and wait for your pie.

    So eventually after a bit of akwardness looking at each other her thinking "why is this idiot standing there" me thinking "pie" i got my pie.

    The daily special, steak lamb fry and bacon.

    The bacon was chewy, the steak was dry. The only saving grace was the pastry. Perfect pastry.

    So feeling deflated after a poor pie experience I went for a roady. I heard good things and I didn't want to write off the joint.

    I went the lamb and green olive. This was better, but for a olive pie, it needed more salt in the fill and was still a bit dry.

    It doesn't lose any further points as there was free sauce.


    Please add your own reviews. If we get enough good ones we will need a tour of pies ride.

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  3. I've been a Villis fan since I had my first one at the footy 20 years ago. Flaky pastry and a peppery gravy, yum I want one now. If your on a diet leave this thread alone.
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  4. For the locals starting their run from Galston to OPH or Putty etc.

    Goodies Bakery makes their pies daily using fresh mince meat from the butcher next door. Sometimes a littlle hit and miss but if you are like me and working in the area and eating a pie or two a week they are great. $3 each too.

    The Deli from Galston on the other hand are the nicer pie IMO but I believe they get theirs delivered frozen and they just heat it up (I could be wrong about this, I'm just assuming regarding the deli) but it is more of an every now and then pie as it does taste a little more salty and heavy then the bakery pies. $3.80 each.

    Prices may have gone up though as I don't work in Galston anymore as of about 1.5 Months ago.

    Damn you Smileedude, damn you to hell...
  5. For the sake of location loyalty I always liked Loftus pies as a kid. I am a big fan of the pies from Berry bakery. The ones from the shop in kangaroo valley are decent too.
  6. What did I do??
  7. Start a thread about the best meat pies in Australia right at smoko/lunch time. Now I'm craving a Galston Deli Pie.
  8. The "Flying Tart" in Kinglake West has good pies.

    The Woodend Bakery is worthwhile, great Vanilla Slices.
  9. TFRPS

    And the bakery at Bateman's Bay has a fine selection of pies, with a couple of motorcycle parking spots right out front.
  10. Marysville bakery = great pies. Haven't been up since the fire so don't know if a: they are still there, b: if its just as good
  11. lol. great thread idea. awesome post, ur almost as fussy as me with pies.
  12. Now lets here some critique then? None of this namby pamby this place is good bullshit. I want to know the nitty gritty of your pie eating experience. Did you get put off by the guy eating a pie with a knife and fork and the soft management not having the guts to kick them out over their disgraceful behaviour? Were there way too many chicken pies? Was the extra piece of pastry on top of the pie artistic enough for your liking?
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    Pies, Pies, Pies.

    Fug, I love 'em!

    So my favourite places to get pies are:

    - Fernvale Bakery, FERNVALE QLD (square pies! My grandfather always liked square pies, he said you always get more filling to a square pie.)
    • A good range of different pies always available. Don't eat the pie at the tables, can get some weird looks :confused: Nice park across the road (populated with motorbikes on weekends.)

    - Tarragindi Bakery, Windmill Street TARRAGINDI QLD
    • Nice and soft (not too soft) pastry with succulent steak and mushrooms, a bit drippy though.

    - Flour Power, Gladstone Road HIGHGATE HILL QLD
    • Expensive pies but very very tasty. They have some interesting types of pies.

    Places to stay away from (piewise)

    - Golden King Bakery, Gladstone Road HIGHGATE HILL QLD
    • The pastry tastes weird (cannot explain it) and the steak is way too chewy and dry.

    P.S. Fcuk you if that's not in-depth enough :)
  14. Corrimal Bakehouse - Princess Hwy, Corrimal (not exactly on motorbike route, but I go out of my way for their pies)

    I was severely disappointed by the Robertson Pie Shop a few weeks back, I remember them being fantastic... this time, soggy pastry, semi-warm fulling of what could only be described as finely ground rectums and whatever else was swept off the abattoir floor.. I had to stop at the pub in Kangaroo Valley for a chicken parma instead :D
  15. Honestly, if you are worried about the steak being to tough, pies are not for you. Plug it up or buy a quiche.
  16. If you want to get technical that's completely wrong. The filling to pastry ratio is maximised by a circle shape.
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  18. Ah, well that's interesting. All my life I have been in search of the wrong pie.

    Ha ha.
  19. Place: Mentone Bakery
    Subject: Chunky Steak Pie.

    Excellent square shape with firm pastry making it easy to eat with your hands. It holds together well enough to eat one handed.
    Large Tender chunks of steak with enough gravy to add moisture and flavour without it causing the pastry to go soggy.

    Score: 8 /10

    The old boy running the show has been in the baking game for almost 60 years so he knows a thing of two about it.
  20. If you want a more exhaustive list of Australian pies try here.


    It's currently pretty NSW centric so I'm sure they would appreciate some interstate reviews.