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News Pictures Of The All New 2016 Triumph Bonneville Snapped

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Today we can unveil the clearest picture yet of what is perhaps Triumph’s most important new model in recent years.


    Not only does this picture give us a nice clear look at the new bike, it confirms a lot of what we’ve previously heard about the new machine. Water cooling is definitely in as can be seen from the massive front radiator unit. Upgraded suspension and a modified frame is also clear for all to see.

    Also clearly visible are the two front discs up front which will be accompanied by ABS for the first time due to new mandatory European Union regulations. As reported before, the Bonneville will use a partial water cooling system to meet emission regulations – those cooling fins on the engine remain functional and necessary.


    Sources have indicated to us that the capacity boost to 1,100cc sees power increase from the Bonneville’s current 67 hp to about 91 hp with a similar percentage increase in torque. Yet, despite the big increase in engine capacity, weight for the new Bonneville will actually decrease slightly. Though there will also be an entirely new transmission for the updated Bonneville, it will remain a 5-speed gearbox to keep it ‘traditional’ which is a bit of a missed opportunity in our opinion.

    The images you see here indicate a virtually production ready bike. Expect an official announcement from Triumph in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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  2. Interesting where the petrol cap is on this bike...could be a challenge (well for me) at some pumps to fill properly unless you park with the cap nearest the pump...
  3. Lighter and more powerful? sounds like fun.
    Really like the engine too, the primary cover looks almost like the old unit 650 ones, no pictures from the other side?
  4. That's good that its lighter.

    I could never figure out how they made the current model quite so heavy.

    I might give one of these a trial when they arrive in Oz, if I can get over the odd look of the radiator.
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  5. CrazyCamCrazyCam hear you there, a Bonnie with a rad....somethin just dont sit right does it?
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  6. So it's not just me that thinks the idea of a 'new' Bonneville is counter intuitive?
  7. One does have to wonder if there will be a rush of previous model Bonnies being traded in for the latest model?

    Will the previous model Bonnies drop in price?

    As you comment, titus, updating a retro style bike is a kinda strange concept.
  8. When the previous moto trend article talked about water cooling of the new Bonneville they said Before all the purists go off to cry into their milk, water cooling has been kept to a minimum.

    That slab of central radiator isn't something I'd describe minimalist and it IMO detracts from the styling of the bike.

    BMW and Harley Davidson have made strong attempts to disguise the radiators by placing them behind sections of the bike that disguise the fact that they are radiators.

    Where as what's shown in the picture above isn't even faired into the frame with shrouds.
  9. Always thought the current model was a bit heavy and with no enough oomph to interest me. I like the look of it though.

    This 'new' model sounds very interesting indeed. Does this mean the Thruxton will get a revise as well?
  10. Interesting...
  11. Ugly, at least. The radiator only a mother could love...
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  12. #12 ibast, May 4, 2015
    Last edited: May 4, 2015
    hmmm, I'm not convinced. Looking at the cylinders, they don't look like the fake fins you see on other water cooled retros.

    The Radiator doesn't look thick enough either, so I'm guessing it's actually a large oil cooler. Let's hope that's a pre-production one.
  13. [​IMG]
    I kinda like it. No point complaining about the ABS. Cylinders look a bit short for an 1100 as well. that radiator/cooler would have to get small/better intergrated in the final production model, surely.

    makes me wonder what a competing W1000 would look like...
  14. Don't mind the look of that at all.
  15. Will the aftermarket boys be able to quickly come up with a radiator grille/shield that's 1/2 attractive?
  16. I just really want to see the specs of the new engine. If it's close to 100hp and a bit lighter I'll most probably snap one up.....whenever that may be.

    Oh yeah but the new higher capacity Ducati scrambler to think about too........

    Good time to to be riding.
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  17. This new Thruxton R has my name written aaaallll over it. Very cool looking bike. I like the old school front fairing/visor thingy in one of the pictures (red).....looks great.

    All-new Triumph Thruxtons revealed
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  18. It's like the new Mini.. Old name, new tech.

    They still have the Speed & Triple 800's to come as yet. Shall keep the eyes peeled!