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picture uploading..help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 77cb750f1, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. am trying to upload some pics, and everytime i do, it sasy tht the file move was unsucsessfull.... and if i zip them it says that is was not upload because it was an invalid file extension... can some one help please... have some pictures of the SOHC/4 owners club ride to mount bulla that i want to show you guys..peace

  2. Hi,

    The Gallery is broken.
    It should be fixed tomorrow sometime.

    You cannot upload zip files.
  3. thanks VIC... thought i was doin something wrong..
  4. Vic's right .. tomorrow sometime hopefully :wink:
  5. Fabulous, I thought it was me too!
    Well done mods
  6. But tomorrow never comes :LOL: . J/K guys , i know you both are busy men . I can wait , photos arnt going anywhere.
  7. Is there still issues with this Vic or Jason as i still cant upload anything.
  8. Yes mate, still stuffed.

    I think Jason passed out in front of the pc coz all of a sudden he wasnt there and I was typing to myself :)
  9. Fixed this morning .. sorry it's taken me a few hours to advise