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Picture this....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duke at Eee, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. There you are riding on a beautiful day, nice cool breeze, sunlight flashing through the canopy of trees. You've left the hustle of the city behind and you are at one with your ride. Nothing could be better, then suddenly it hits you..
    That song that pops in your head. I bet I'm not the only one who gets them. What song have suddenly had in your head when you're out there somewhere enjoying the ride?

  2. I'm on my way by the Proclaimers :singing::facepalm:
  3. Holiday Road

    Hey kids.... Big Ben!
  4. heaps, i'm a veritable mp3 player some days, some times its a verse from one song then some other, I had Pick of destiny in my head for 100kms once.... or heaven forbid Hi5.
  5. Loads and loads of different songs, so I sing along to them, in my helmet.

    But, I would like to take this opportunity to plant one in the heads of others'.

  6. Guilty as charged

  7. Often a Queen medley for me.
    Don't stop me now
    Killer Queen
    Bicycle race
    Hammer to Fall

    You get the idea...
  8. Oh no, secret shame! Did you go to their concert? Do you have the DVD and bedspread?
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  9. Blitzkreig bop.
  10. :woot:

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  11. have a coffee cup
  12. Which one is your favourite? Do you have one of those personalised mugs with your picture embedded with theirs?
  13. Zayn was my favourite :snaphappy: now all I have are the memories:cry:
  14. mine are better

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  15. Lots of songs from all sorts of music, the most profoundly appropriate and enjoyable has always been folk metal in particular Ensiferum's Into Battle:
    "...Into battle we ride with Gods by our side
    We are strong and not afraid to die..."
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  16. Hybrid rainbow by the pillows. Have a bit of a history with this song so it always brings me the feeling of freedom.

  17. Wow, that's obsessive, I mean, awesome. Is that your bedroom wall?
  18. Paul Oakenfold’s Ready, Steady, Go. No lyrics really, but the music and beat is perfect when you’re enjoying the ride. Try to ignore the seriously weird video.

  19. Now we're talking, although if it's a long trip with trees and twisties, it's gotta be :headphone:


    something Thrash... :angelic:

    I clicked due to it being Japanese (can't really go wrong) and was NOT disappointed!
    - Click.
    -look up at cricket.
    -look back - weird teddy.
    -WTF?! o_O..... Sweet! :joyful:
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