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Picture of a group of NetRiders in AMCN Vol 55 No.9 p.58

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by G, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Looks like the crew were having a wailing time with Boris :!:

  2. Can you scan and post?
  3. maybe you coud go and buy it from your local newsagent and support more local jobs.
  4. Nah just scan and post it :p
  5. Sorry, unfortunately, I don't have the technology. :(

    Billy Kaylock's marquee and grandstand looks tempting for 2006. :wink:
  6. mouth off to support his local business keeping the local kids in jobs.
  7. Yer, Matho's a top bloke.
  8. whoosh!
  9. Matho has recently become the editor at AMCN.
  10. If anyone's speaking to Matho, tell him I say more boobies in AMCN.

    I like the girl in the red tank top they have in every edition.

    She has great boobies.

    I like boobies.
  11. He's onto it already.

    That's where Billy Kaylock comes in. :wink:
  12. Haha, the postman just delivered mine had to do a double take. :)
  13. the photo sounds familar
  14. Yep just ducked over the road and got a copy and yep VERY familar and probably familar to another 4 netriders too.

    You'll notice that the bloke between Boris and I on the left end is quite a distance away from Lovely lass on the right end of the line up. Just quietly, I'm pretty sure that this was by the lovel lass's design. :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Indeed, it was that splash of red the instantly drew my attention. :D
  16. Thanks so much for all the support I had that night guys :roll: :shock: I thought I'd be safe with a few people around, but no :oops:

    That was a very funny night!!

    :D :D :D
  17. Is that the photo in the bottom left? For those not in the know, which ones are Netriders and who is who?
  18. Someone please place a scan of the photo so we can see what you are all on about :roll:
  19. I've scanned the pic and requested help from Steve with posting it cos I have no idea how to do it :oops:

    From left to right we have Boris (the AMCN dude), the weirdarse dude I was trying to get away from :evil: , matt232, Lids, r1-lover, cowboy1600 and myself....I have no idea about the guy to my right...looks like he was just walking past.

    :D :D :D