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Picton Rd - Reduced speed limit & Average speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ginji, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. So some nitwit has decided that after all these roadworks on it 100km/h is still too fast ](*,)

    The speed limit will be reduced to 90km/h from next month - to be reviewed after all the roadworks have completed - in 2013.

    Average speed cameras will be installed to catch truckies flaunting the limit.

    Bleh, another case of money well spent improving the road only to reduce the speed limit in the name of "safety"


  2. That's... pretty lame.

    "We'll 'solve' things by making a lip-service attempt at reducing the energies involved slightly rather than actually doing shit about the problem!"
  3. Noobish opinion:

    So the road has a high number of fatalities. The road has a high number of head on collisions. Well, two lane rural roads tend to have high numbers of head on collisions.

    How much of a difference is a 10km/h reduction going to have on head-on collision fatalities?

    What kind of impact is the increased frustration of sitting behind someone at 90km/h on a road monitored by point-to-point cameras going to have? Will it lead to riskier overtaking... and higher chance of head-on collisions? Will people now drive faster on other roads to make up for time lost?

    Why not put a divider down the middle of the road?

    Edit: Also, mobile speed cameras are used on Mount Ousley. There are a few places on Mount Ousley where you can strategically place one (downhill corners etc) for maximum revenue. If Picton Rd is so bad, why put mobile speed cameras a few kms away on Mount Ousley instead? My guess is Picton Rd doesn't have too many good hiding spots.

    Edit 2: As one of the comments in the link states this may increase the traffic on Appin Rd, the nearby, other bad road.
  4. The majority of the deaths on the road (still not really that many.. 2.2 a year and how many drive on it annually...?) are from head-ons yet they reduce the speed limit and think it will solve it ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    How about sticking a median divider in? By reducing the speed limit from 100 I'll wager a bet there will be more fatalities since everyone will pay less attention and will add to driver fatigue. Fatigue is the main contributor to head-on accidents.

    Besides, with a closing speed of 180kmph instead of 200, you're still utterly ****ed anyways. Just a revenue grab...
  5. the reduced speed and cameras would have to be a hell of a demotivator. Picton rd has a big advantage due to direct access to the m5. Appin rd uses have to go up to narrellan rd before getting on the m5.

    Still is a stupid idea, wonder if someone will get creative with a large angle grinder.
  6. Mythbusters did their thing on this myth, a vehicle travelling at 100km/h hitting another one head-on doing the same speed actually is the equivalent of the vehicle hitting a wall at 100km/h - not 200km/h!

    Anyway, its still going to do some serious damage, reducing the limit isn't the answer but that's the only 'lever' they love to play with :roll:
  7. Here's the kicker, they have put a median divider in areas prone to people have head on collisions - around some of the corners. The other thing they've been doing is clearing more area from around the sides of the road in order to make a larger buffer zone. They've also improved the drainage of the road somewhat, which was a major issue.

    Oh, and put in a few police enforcement bays.
  8. S'more lane duplication would be nice on that road. So people can get around the families with their L platers doing 80 on a single lane only-two-overtaking-zones road; so people can get around the folks who think 70's an acceptable speed of travel for a modern car in a 100 zone, et cetera.

    Most times I used Picton Road I'd get stuck behind some poor soul dragging a tail of 4-12 vehicles (including trucks) behind them at a speed way below the speed limit, which encourages some pretty damn spectacular overtaking efforts.
  9. that may have something to it due to a wall being more solid than a car and completely absorbing the energy of the car.

    A car into a wall at 100 km/h has x amount of energy. however, a car into a wall at 200 km/h has 4x amount of energy. Meanwhile, two cars head on at 100 kmh have 2x kinetic energy between them. Understanding how the two cars absorb the energy in impact when comparing to car into the wall would be interesting.
  10. Yeah mythbusters has really gone down hill recently. They have no idea about scientific method. And they've kind of run out of myths, the last one I saw they were just trying to make a big explosion with no hint of any myth. Anyway the better experiment would have been to ram a car travelling at 100 kmh into a parked car and one travelling 100 kmh, I'm pretty sure the results in this would have been a little different.
  11. Exactly. In the episode they compared before and after images of vehicle hitting wall compared with vehicle hitting another vehicle and it was hard to tell the difference, basically if both vehicles absorb impact equally then each absorbs 'x' energy equivalent to what would happen hitting a wall. Anyway, was a good episode to watch, worth getting hold of it.
  12. That "nitwit" is Soames Job.

    And you're right.
    He is a nitwit.

    A f***ed one.
  13. Pretty much, but the majority of the issue isn't with the speed at which the vehicles are travelling at, but the attitude and impatience of the driver behind the wheel, and i've seen some stupid shit done on Picton Rd.
  14. Other way around, actually - which I suspect is probably what confuses people. The wall doesn't absorb any energy at all; the car does all the work.

    The wall doesn't change velocity (still stationary), it doesn't change height (still attached to ground), and it doesn't change shape (not damaged), so the wall hasn't absorbed any energy at all.

    Instead, the car's change in kinetic energy (from 100kph to 0kph) is absorbed by bending the car's metal... and a little heat and noise.

    Likewise with two identical cars. Double the change in kinetic energy (two vehicles going from 100kph to 0kph), but double the metal to bend and deform. Same end result. :)

    It gets tricky with mismatched cars (both in terms of mass and relative stiffness, etc).
  15. Won't stop dickheads overtaking 200m before the turn off to picton road. Seriously. The lack of intelligence displayed by a large portion of the people taking this road won't be cured by a 90kph limit.

    Anyway, the 90kph limit was not a result of placing the cameras in. It was set after they went through after laying the surface, they do this whenever a road is relaid.

    The cameras are the cash grab - just like the increased police presence & change in policing in the nasho (Yes I still maintain this is the case).

    The cash grab is nothing new.

    That said and done, I've been on the receiving end of some asshole truck driver taking it too fast around the bend and merging onto the m5. Christ a B-double drifting is a ****ing scary thing.
  16. turning southbound off picton rd onto the on ramp?

    Yes, I worked this out afterwards. doh.
  17. Picton Road has had 20 fatalities since the 2000. That's a lot, and you can understand the concern. But when Government bodies put out idiotic releases like Each fatality on the road costs $2.67 million it devalues the debate to the level of the absurd.

    There is a simple reason for the fatalities on Picton Road and that is the general contempt with which most motorists in the Illawarra view the road rules, as anyone who lives here knows; lowering the speed limit to 90 isn't going to make a jot of difference to the dopes who do 130 along its whole length now.
  18. If you look back at those 20 fatalities there is pretty much no evidence of speeding being a factor. They have all been due to falling asleep, inadvertently veering into the other lane, aquaplaning on standing water during heavy rain or accidental contact (plus one deliberate suicide). All these things will still occur at 90km/h, the only difference is that boredom and fatigue is increased by the lower speed.

    I travel this road regularly and the 100km/h is not an issue, there are no real corners to get into trouble.

    Dividers and more dual carriageway sections are the only way to reduce the fatalities. I wonder if, when fatalities occur at the same rate, will this nitwit and the rta be held accountable for the wasted lives?
  19. I know a cousin of his the both are far from the sharpes tool.
  20. Yep. Heading back from the Sydney on Friday last week down Picton Rd, I followed a Corolla into the overtaking lane to pass a caravan, and before we can merge back left some asshole in a BMW SUV roars up the left hand lane nearly taking me out, flies up the inside lane then slams on his brakes when the overtaking lane ends. Then does 30 through the 40 zone roadworks. Needless to say I took advantage of the Mt. Kiera turn off that time.