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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Thera, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Basically, you upload some pics that say something, first correct guess, goes next.
    = fish cake. yeah simple I know.

    So here's the challenge below

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    Sweet potato dick heads? Do I win?
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  3. lol after an exhaustive search of 80's 3 piece boy bands (thankyou google images)
    I'm guessing Yamaha :coffee:
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  4. so I guess it's my turn hmmmm

  5. counter steering?
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  6. The second picture has me stuffed......
  7. I thought the first pic would be the tough one...
  8. Well......maybe it is and I've got it completely wrong. :)
  9. Guesses folks? Bung 'em in, even if wrong may get others thinking differently...
  10. screaming left hander :wacky:
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  11. LOL nope.

    Clue- what is that hand doing?
  12. omg I've obviously destroyed too many brain cells, I've got nfi.
  13. something grip maybe !
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    yup. clue for first pic, its an argument and its very xxxxxxx .?
  15. Heated grip?
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  16. That would have to be it yeah? I was going down the path of 'Yell-something'.
  17. Assuming it is correct, here is the next one...

    image. image.

    Probably a little easier for the older ones here.