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Pics taken in 1965 of Hells Angels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidp1984, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Interesting article and pics. Pretty heavy gear but no helmets.
    An interesting aside is that in The Doobie Brothers initially gained a large following among the Hells Angels and had their first major gig as a recurring gig at one of The Hells Angels favourite clubs known as the Chateau Liberté.
  2. Thanks, guys. Fascinating pics.
  3. thanks gentlemen, good break from normal work activities, looking at the pics only progress seem helmets n leathers ?
  4. Worth remembering, though, that apart from for racing, helmets were far from universal anywhere in 1965, amongst any riding demographic. Plenty of photos in UK mags of the time of terribly respectable journos road testing bikes whilst wearing no headgear beyond a beret or a reversed flat cap.

    What I found most surprising was the presence of a black cop in 1965 America.

    Excellent find. Reminds me that I must put Sonny Barger's autobiog on my reread list.
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  6. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  7. 2nd pic in the full gallery there is a mirror on one bike in the middle of the handle bar. Must be a vanity mirror but doubt I'd want to look at my ugly nog.
    I swear in one photo a guy looks like Charlie Sheen
  8. I noticed that too. I believe that California law in the 1960s required the fitment of a mirror but didn't specify where or what size, hence the one shown or other HAs who allegedly stuck dental mirrors on their handlebars.

    It may be more correct to say that Mr Sheen (and numerous other modern day stars of various kinds) has modelled aspects of his appearance on 1960s HA :D.
  9. They look a lot thinner than todays version.
  10. Some amazing shots, thanks for posting.
  11. i like the really bad grafitti in pic 4
  12. A must read is the book "No Angel" which is the true story of the copper who infiltrated the Hells Angels as an undercover.