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Pics of your cruiser

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by philmydang, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Given that there isn't much love for cruisers outside of this subforum I figured I'd post this here instead of the photography section. So let's see what bike/bikes you own/owned. Actual photos please, I've already seen what google images has to offer.

    I'll start with my first bike; 97 Honda vt600 complete with 70's porno pastel colour scheme.
    After paint
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  2. My Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad at Gundaroo in October.

  3. My Shad,
  4. Mine at Grey Gums last summer.
  5. And another pic pre alterations.

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  6. From a GAR ride last month
  7. nice keep em coming. Here's my current ride
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  8. noice ,
    i cant zoom becsuse of these dam bells ,
    your svayar say 600 shadow ?
    what is the pic of phil
  9. looks like a victory ,
    hang on lol i think have said b4
    update ya sig thing
  10. Noted. Where are the Harley's on this forum??
  11. hardley is any
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  12. They'll turn up eventually, probably being polished as we speak.
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  13. victory is wins the day , that pic
    is ART
    bet it sounds great in that carpark too .
    - jealous as
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  14. or maybe they're being ridden instead of photographed?? nah;)
  15. At a fuel stop (happens often, up to about 350 now)

    Bit of mud from some light dirt work.
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  16. Heres my girl, shes a 95 Virago 1100cc. I got new pipes fitted last Saturday, she sounds so much better than before :) phpIWgAMrPM.
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  17. My 2012 FLD Switchback.[​IMG]
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  18. I just love Viragos, light and easy to ride for shorter people. My 1100.

    Attached Files:

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  19. Yes Viragos are great steed had 4 myself over the years
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