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Pics of the 7

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by adge82, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Thought i would take some pics of the 7 tonight.

    It started as a near stock, dropped and rough looking, green white blue and pink ZXR750.
    Its now a painted near stock somewhat better than rough matte black ZXR750.

    But i like it and thats all that counts.
    (I know, i havent polished the swing-arm yet, im workin on it)



  2. Nice! :) One of the prettier bikes I always thought.
  3. One SLEEK lookin ride !!
  4. very tidy looking kwaker......did you polish it all yourself?
  5. Yeah polished it at my old mans workshed, he has all the gear so it was pretty easy.
    Took about two hours.

    I want to do the swing-arm, but it has to come out of the bike to be done. (or at least done so it looks ok)
  6. was considering buying one of theese actually. the black ones look verry verry tidy and apparently just corner pretty neatly. nj
  7. Very nice. Well done. I like the badgeless look.
    Always liked the twin headlights on sports bikes too :wink:
  8. looks good.
  9. hmmmm nice
  10. Thanks all for the kind words, im still trying to decide whether or not i can handle leaving it matte black.
    I kinda want to paint it gloss, have even thought about leaving it matte but putting chrome stickers on it. Might be a bit too bling-a-ding though.

    I get bored far too easily, need to change things up a bit every now and then.
  11. no way leave it matt black...thats what makes it look hot :wink: