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Pics of Stoner's injured leg

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Gotta love the Swelling



  2. Re: Pics is Stoners injured leg


    just, ouch
  3. Re: Pics is Stoners injured leg

    And he rode with that?! :eek:
  4. Even with pan killers it is not like you are going to get any flexibility through there
  5. Re: Pics is Stoners injured leg

    Lucky it was his right foot.
  6. Re: Pics is Stoners injured leg

    His ankle is probably fatter than his waist in that picture....

    I think they said he only had paracetamol for the race, not pain killers. They had to build him a new boot to fit his ankle into.
  7. Tuff hombre!
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  8. What,no whinging comments.Poor buggar cops a lot of that for stating his thoughts on some forums.Respect for toughing it out,hope he can do the same next weekend and keep some interst in the championship,he will be missed next year
  9. Well, he does invoke Mick Doohan fairly frequently, so he'd have to admit he's a pussy if he didn't ride....

  10. It's not even broken, who the **** cares.

    Tell you what, when he gets a finger chopped off or breaks a few bones and rides the round after being released from hospital, then I'll be slightly more impressed.
  11. :blah::blah::blah::blah::blah:
  12. Casey has cankles
  13. pfft. blah blah blah yourself
  14. Do u laugh all the way to the bank?.....I bet Casey does.
  15. And for this. Casey gets the daily Balls of Steel award.
  16. Casey gets paid to do a job. If he doesn't do that job then he gets fired. He also has access to some pretty good pain killers.

    Where's the plaudits for all the other riders that ride with worse injuries. Oh that's right, they aren't Australian.

    Don't get me wrong, he is an amazing rider and is certainly talented, but unlike some I don't fizz myself about him just because he was lucky enough to be born in Australia.
  17. Lol I had a worse sprained ankle walking home drunk... Work up the next morning and was like stoners.... I got up, bandaged the shit out of it an went a played soccer as a goalie for a match... Couldn't now too much but it wasn't that bad.... It's not that much of a achievement really.... If it was broken etc etc maybe then it would be seen as tough.
  18. Yea and he did it...........fire the WC cuz hes injured?....:rofl:

    Its also been reported he took nothing more than paracetamol.

    I admire everything they all do..........whether they get millions a year or have to pay their own way.

    The fact he has already pulled the pin would give him good reason to say **** it ,I couldnt be bothered riding today.
  19. It wouldn't have been the first time he's taken time off in the middle of a season.....
  20. walking home drunk = highsiding at speed on a motobike

    play soccer as a goalie = 26 laps on a MotoGP bike


    Keep um coming......Im having a good laugh here :rofl:

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