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Pics of NetRider people in 2 Wheels mag

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PilgriM, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Couldn't tell if anyone else has mentioned this, but a couple of Netrider pics have appeared in the back of the latest edition of Two Wheels..

    Can see GreyBm in one of them & the other looks like a shot taken on the first learners overnighter (can't remember where that went, I was gunna go but bailed)..

  2. heh heh I have a road test of my Kawasaki Z500 on the back page of an issue in 1980 :LOL:
  3. ???????

    Haven't seen it. I assume it is an article on p0rn legends who ride.
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  4. Ummm...errrrmm...yyyyes, Grey. I'm sure that's what it is, mate. :)

    (sorry guys... I don't have the heart to tell 'im.)
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  5. Nope.

    There would be a shot of me if it was......
  6. Someone mentioned they saw me and Lachie in it, but do you think my local stockist has it? NFW!
  7. Ditto on the scan?
  8. Had a look though but couldn't find any pics. Does anyone know the page no or which issue. I have march issue.
  9. Rawson?
  10. Ok, had to rip them out of the scans as the originals were way too big..

    Dave & others..


    Rawson pic..


    Think this one is too but not 100% sure..

  11. Middle one is definitely Rawson. Cant really place the other two.

    Although rethinking. if all from the Rawson weekend, the top one could be a regroup stop at Poweltown??? We stopped by the little park and that could be taken from in the park?

    And maybe the bottom one is Moe????
  12. Surely all Rawson. The bottom one looks like Moe all right (Lizzie's green jacket stands out - who said you couldn't see hi-viz??).

    The middle one is just after we arrived, and before Bitsar had his floral tribute ride down the driveway after missing the corner marker. The bike in the foreground with the panniers is mine.

    Probably right about the top one GreyBM; looks like the regroup where all the guys disappeared into the undergrowth for a pee. In fact, bet that photo was taken by someone who hadn't washed his hands (ew). LOL.
  13. Actually did anyone get a photo of the flower shower on Bitsar by any chance?
  14. If Lizzy's green jacket stood out that well you would have noticed that it is actually yellow :LOL:
  15. Aw c'mon. It's that hi-viz colour btw green and yellow. No nitpicking!
  16. so, Rusti's pics then?
  17. If I was going to nit pick I would say it's the hi-viz colour between yellow and yellow.