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Pics of my prang

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Withnail, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. So I've been sitting on these for a couple of months now and thought I'd finally share them with you all. Pretty sure its my body position that caused the off.

    Crash at Superbike School, Eastern Creek. 13 Nov 2006

  2. Pic 3 with the sparks, thats my favourite.
  3. Awesome pics, was that you shooting the pics MattyB??
  4. DOOD :shock: As Vic said awesome pics. Pretty cool that you get to be able to make a diagnosis of the crash with visual evidence of what went wrong. Were you still on the brakes when the front tucked?
  5. Ouch @ the bike. Was looking not so bad until ya bike started turning over itself when it got to the rough. :mad:
  6. No brakes whatsoever at any time during the photos. I was putting too much weight on the front bars, and of course i was sitting too far forward and upright as you can see. And yeah it has been great to be able to see where I was going wrong with hard photographic evidence!!

    Of course, even with all of this, none of this would have happened if I hadn't ENTERED THE DAMN CORNER TOO FAST!!!!

    Funny thing is, as I was going through it, I thought "I'm fine, a bit hot in the corner but it's OK the bike will do it" and then I was genuinely surprised when the front washed out and I hit the deck.

    Vic - the photographer's name was Tim Munro. Good job hey! He showed me the pics on the back of his camera as we stood next to the tyre barrier, me looking at my destroyed bike, then the camera, then the destroyed bike again...
  7. Holly mothor of god, those photos are amazing! I don't mean that as in amazing good, casuse falling offs no fun, just amazing in what they show.

    I don't really understand how it can all go so wrong with so much lean angle left. I'm not arguing with your analysis of the situation. It's just sobering to think that if you're doing the wrong things with your body the bike won't lean to anywhere near its max angle :shock:

    I've always been of the opinion that if in doubt just lean further and the bike will get you through. maybe I need to change that to "if in doubt lean further, relax your arms, get your body position right, look through the corner and watch the throttle control", yeah I can see that coming together if I'm in a bind - not :p

    Thanks for posting the picks withnail :)

    btw, How's the bike?
  8. [​IMG]

    Dude, where you trying to catch it or something? :p
  9. ...and where does your insurance stand on the whole 'track day'-ish issue?

    Mad pics, by the way.
    Every rider in the WORLD wishes they had photos/video of their stack.

    At least you got those :)
  10. I wish I had pics of mine...

    Tiga, your "lean more" thought is right... but it still requires good throttle control to keep the bike stable and allow the bike to respond to the "lean you bugger! Lean!!!!" steering input... i.e., NO rolling off. Rolling off will load up the front which can then be asking for more traction than is available...

    Withnail, I gotta hand it to ya bro, the dedication to keeping the target in sight is bloody admirable! :applause: :applause: Are you ok? Any injuries? Hope alls well now.

    Thanks for posting about your off.

    FWIW I'll have a stab at guessing what happened - please do not take any offence mate.

    Given that you were coming in hot, my guess is that your SR's were amped, and that means possibly being tight on the bars and having a tense/stiff posture [your body position suggests tension]. There's also a good chance you rolled off just then, or actually maintained a steady throttle which is as good as rolling off because a bike slows down as it leans for a given throttle setting... all of which threw weight bias forward and loaded up the front... resulting in the tyre asking for more traction... more than was clearly available!

    Now if your tyres were at all cold, or you were out wider and in the marbles... your peril was much increased!


    Tiga, there was lean angle left, but it's a dynamic situation!... lean isn't the whole story.
  11. Hehe. At pic 7, I was thinking to myself - "at least the bike just skidded and didn't flip" - then I saw pic 8. :p

    Well, if you gotta go, go with style. You did that in a grand fashion. :wink:
  12. And of course the important thing in all this is that being on a race track there was nothing to hit but if he'd done this on a spurs run..........
  13. Jebus, nice pics :D

    Decent stack ;)

    How'd the bike and bones hold up?
  14. He was just replacing the sump plug.
  15. Good to know that you come out of it ok.
    Just my observation from the first couple of pics..it seems that although you are looking through the corner...your head is still leaning with the bike and therefore your eyes are not level. Maybe something to work on?

  16. i think pics 1&2 are not part of the crash sequence, they look like were taken from a different angle and from a different lap. good to see that you are alright though and getting a good think of what went wrong.
  17. Also, it's good to see you trying to get straight back on the bike - as in pic 15. :p
  18. And the moon landing didnt really happen, it was all a conspiracy :grin:
    No they were all from the same sequence, trust me.

    The insurance company (Shannons) wrote the bike off because every panel was scratched or damaged in some way, but with a new exhaust can, right clipon (which was snapped) and gear shift pedal (bent out of shape) the bike was rideable.

    They covered it because it was a school day and there were instructors on the track - lucky for me. They were really good to deal with too. Very efficient and friendly, so I recommend them. And they reinsured me for my new bike too and were again very reasonable on the premium.

    I was fine - just a bruised thigh from when i hit the tarmac. Score one for all over leathers! Flipped over a thousand times though so I'm surprised about how well i did come out of it! I like the comment about replacing the sump plug though haha.

    Grey Genry - you're right i needed to get my head level when looking into the corner. That's something I've been working on specifically in the last month with the new bike.

    Robsalvv - thanks for your thoughts. You are right mate. I was too tense and therefore putting too much input on the bars.

    But I wasnt rolling off - actually i was rolling on: too much though and too soon as I hadnt started to straighten up at that point. So I have to work on my throttle control and my body position. Its pretty clear from the pics that i am sitting too high and too far forward in the saddle which in turn led to me putting weight on the bars.

    I still flinch everytime I see the photos, but like a train wreck - I just can't look away!
  19. At least you're learning from your mistakes... and making for some great photography...
  20. Yeah this crash has been both the worst thing to have happened (from an economic/embarrassment point of view);

    and the best thing to have happened, from a learning point of view.

    Everyone's comments on what went wrong are greatly appreciated.