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Pics of my new Hyosung Aquila 650...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pete the freak, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Mucho chrome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Pete, very very cooooool :cool:

    I think Hyosung [and yes I am biased] have got the look and the pricing of their bikes spot on.

    Have fun and keep on cruisen'
  3. Nice bike Pete! I have to say that I am jealous. You will need lots of Brasso (or Chromo) to keep that looking the part. How does it ride?
  4. Ride is great, super long wheelbase makes it stable as.

    Oh yeah, there's going to have to be alot of work put in ceeping all the chrome looking nice, but I reckon it'll be worth it...
  5. was the first thing i thought as soon as i saw it, still a sweet looking ride :wink:
  6. Very nice Pete. I am kinda jealous.
    It was a very tough choice between that model and the Vulcan for my last upgrade.
    It looks so sweet and sounds great to ride.
    A good tip I was given on polishing the chrome was to use coca-cola and apply with aluminium foil. I haven't tried it yet but hmmmmmm.
    (tip came from sher's brother btw and he swears it works)
  7. Welcome to the Hyosung club mate, looks like a sweet ride :grin:
  8. coke and foil will CLEAN chrome, but you need to then wash off the cola and then polish it up. Used that trick to get some marks off my pipes recently.

    I've got a tin of Meguairs stuff (blue-purple tin, green lid) which is pretty good - does a nice job on the 'Star.
  9. Mr Sheen also does a great job on chrome
  10. I used oven cleaner to get baked on boot gunk and bug guts off my pipes.
    I havent got around to polishing other than a chamois after a wash.
    Where do u get 'Meguairs', and is that just a chrome polish?
  11. Cool on the pics. Hope your ankle/leg? is healed up good mate.. No more rubbing VTRs cause of owning a SPADA? *ducks* hehe
  12. WOW

    sexy and Shiny just look at that arm chair seating drool drool
  13. Yeah, luuuurrrve the spunky little backrest. Got that for the G/F who will be a permanent fixture on it come June.

    Question about the chrome though, a fair bit of the shiny stuff is actually chrome plated plastic. Will I have to clean/polish that differently than normal chrome??
  14. You should have a warning on the thread title .
    SUNNYS needed to view pictures ,lots of chrome.

    Thier still on my big bike list.

    Very very nice bike dude.
  15. Yeah, be careful with metal cleaners on plastic as it may tarnish it and you dont want that. I'd recomment using warm soapy water on the plastic bits. I love the dash by the way. What I would do for a fuel guage!