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Pics of my CBR 250 rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sydryder27, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    Went for a ride today to Little Bay with my good friend. We got done by that bad rain. We both have cbr rr 250 and while the weather was nice I took few pics.

    Mi bike is smokin joe colour and mike is the blue one.

    Just tought I share it.






  2. They both look very nice
  3. Thanks for sharing the pics mate..

    Im a sucker for cbr250's and these 2 are fine examples.

    The only thing I'd suggest is swapping your arromax's for some gpr a10's or pilot powers. That's if you want to take full advantage of your little rocket. An arrowmax is a commuting tyre only.
  4. arrowmax tyres are horrible! get rid of them the minute you can afford to.

    that said, bikes are nice.

    shiney side up :cool:
  5. Nice bikes. Look very clean.

    Must be fun cleaning the rims :p

    What years are they?
  6. get rid of those arrowmaxes and get yourself a set of gpr-a10's

    best investment i ever made for my bike - rides so much better
  7. Clinks... both bikes have been complied 2007, but the manufacture year is 1990...

    how much did you pay for your gpr a10
  8. Nice, both bikes are 45hp versions.
    The front a10 set me back $170. Might go for something harder on the back though as the a10's do wear quick.
  9. the yellow one is my cbr250r's twin :D same colour scheme..
  10. Its a running joke that you never see a CBR250 by itself, they always hunt in packs.

    Nice rides.
  11. Another thumbs up for gpr-a10s here, put a pair on my bike, they rock

    Worth every penny

    Although they are very soft don't expect them to last like Arrowmaxes

    Probably have as much grip in the wet with the gpr-a10s as I had in the dry with the Arrowmaxes (although mine were old, to be fair)
  12. thanks for all the comments..... I am looking into getting some new tyres..