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Pics of my bro's "naked" scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. I promised pics of my brother's scooter a while ago...
    he's replaced the exhaust with his go-kart exhaust, but it's a bit bigger & in order to get it to fit, he's had to take off some of the "fairing"
    so here's his naked bike:


  2. what chance do men have of snaring ladies when we have to compete with rides like that? :cry:
  3. Now you know why they have bodywork. Like some ladies, (not your good self, I'm sure, Tash) they looked better more covered than less :LOL: :p
  4. It sure looks different. :roll:
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  6. Now ya talkin!
  7. Yeah, a naked scooter somehow doesn't have the same effect as a naked bike :p
  8. Steve at Caringbah Motorcycles has one of these out the front of his business eash day; never fails to get people to stop and look, I know I do!
  9. That's true kde - nuthin like a nekkid :cool:
  10. mad scoot

    Yeh Ive seen one of these outside caringbah m'cycles. wanted to get it, but no pillion seat! Didnt ask what it was worth though. Looks expensive.
  11. I wonder if anyone in Vic has one or gets 'em in? Surely there's a market for them in Oz? Showed my girlfriend who's soon buying a bike and she loved them!
  12. Re: mad scoot

    Not expensive at all. Easily competitve price with any other scoot on the market, and much cooler in every way I would think.


    Cost is $3500, plus on roads. That's well in the ballpark for a 50cc scoot. The 125cc, which would be the real deal, is going to be mid $4g's I think. Sachs is an ancient company in the world of mopeds, and the german engineering is first class.

    I think the whole package is fantastic. $3500 is great value for any scoot, but this ain't just any scoot, its a madass bike!

    Oh yeah, and you want a pillion seat? Get real, its a 50cc, no point, nor any need. Your not going to do huge 2-up miles on one of these. What you will do, is blast around town, down the shops, lane split like a mad bastard
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ROFLMFAO!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Re: mad scoot

    I totally agree they are much cooler than just about any other scooter I've seen... but the simple fact is that they are expensive compared to other 50cc scoots (which are available from under $2000).

    And no, I'm not saying they aren't worth it... because they probably are.
  15. lol

    funny enough - his girlfriend refuses to get on it.

    I asked him if he's going to stick the fairing back on, cause it looks CRAP but he loves it. I have to say - the go kart exhaust does sound pretty good.
  16. they do look pretty cool for a motorised push bike. :moped:

    Saw one at a shop in Elzabeth St and Nepean Hwy Brighton. Forgot the names of the shops but they are both Aprilia dealers if that helps.
  17. Re: mad scoot

    I don't know how much you know about scooters, but have you actually seen the quality of any of the sub $2000 scoots?

    They look cheap and nasty because they are. The reliability would be a nightmare too I imagine for most of them.

    There are also lots of 50cc's up to $4000+ for sporting models, so it really is a reasonable sum.
  18. I want a Sachs Madass 125cc for Christmas!!
  19. sachs

    50cc is just not enough. The 125cc should do the job!