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Pics of my bikes - past and present

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Awebley, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. I wanted to make a record of the bikes I’ve owned and the use I’ve given them. I’ll add a little bit of info on each one.

    December 04 – March 06
    Learner bike
    1991 Honda CBR250RR. 9000 kms travelled, traded in at the dealer for my next bike. Was a very nice reliable bike. Really enjoyed learning on this.

    March 06 – Xmas day 2007
    2001 Yamaha R6 18,000kms travelled. My favourite bike easily! Extremely reliable and fun bike to street ride and commute on. Very clean for the kms it had on it. Sadly this bike came to an end due to a car running a stop sign resulting in a bent frame (writeoff) and myself in hospital for 6 days :(

    When I go it:

    After the crash:

    March 08 – May 08
    2007 Suzuki GSX-R600 1500kms travelled. Not much to say here. Not my cup of tea. It’s no R6!

    September 08 – to Current. About 1200kms travelled so far
    2000 Yamaha R6. Brought and converted to 01-02mdl specs using the parts from my wrecked bike which I brought back from the insurance company.

    Can’t find a pic of what it looked like when I brought it. Just looked like a stock 99-00mdl with the big red tail lamp and stock fender and indicators.

    And now (21-10-08) : IMG_1587.

    Current specs of this bike:
    K&N air filter
    My old RS3 yoshimura slipon which I cut down
    LED 01-02 rear tail conversion
    My Fender eliminator which I made with clear mini indicator front and back
    520 gold DID chain conversion with 15tooth front sprocket and alloy rear
    Tank protector, rear seat cowl, crash knobs (yet to be fitted), pickup spools (yet to be fitted)
    01mdl rear tyre hugger and rear brake master cyl yet to be fitted.
    Currently running bt012s with 120/70 front tyre. (On the bike when I brought it, will replace with pilot powers soon)

    Any comments welcomed :)
  2. Cool thread. Interesting how you got rid of the gixxer , what didn't you like about it?
  3. Good question; I suggest a serious addiction to the crossed tuning forks :LOL: :LOL:.
  4. Nice little CBR, dont see many of those any more.

  5. Some nice bikes you've had the pleasure of owning

    I'm hoping to get an R6 when I eventually get off restrictions
  6. thanks for the kind comments everyone :)

    the cbr was a really nice bike. never saw it again after it was sold. had alot of comments about it and the unique paint scheme.

    I got alot of stares and comments about the gsx-r for the short time i had it. but i really like the yamaha's the best :cool: