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pics of my 2 bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by barry, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Man thats Hot!
  2. Looks great, nice bikes :)
  3. Damn thats nice!
  4. Welcome to the forums barry. Very nice pics indeed :D
  5. VERY schmick Barry, who did all the work? I wont ask how much it all cost, you've probably tried to forget anyway.
  6. can i have one??? preeese??? i'll be your best friend :D

    not bad there matey, love the custom thing eh. nothing better than having a bike that looks nothing like anyone elses. TOP JOB :twisted:
  7. hot bike
  8. Hot, really hot.......
  9. Bling!! 8)

    Thats very nice, i would love to build/own something like that but doubt it would be riden much as i would be too paranoid of dropping/scratching the thing!! :LOL:

    oh yeah, welcome to the forums :)
  10. if i give you my zx7r can you transform it too? :D

    very noice indeed bazz and welcome
  11. hard on material barry :LOL:
    please dont tell me you put neons on them , please :LOL:
  12. excellent bikes - and you were allowed to build in the kitchen :eek:
    storm clouds if attempted here
  13. The exhaust does it for me...i need a few minutes to myself.