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Pics - My friends camira.. 600bhp

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Manny, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. ya gotta ask WHY......it's a bloody camira for Gods sake.........best used as a means of keeping warm on cold nights.......by igniting the mongrels.
  2. See, that's classy that is. Very under-stated; almost a Germanic, functional, reductionist character to it.
  3. 600 BHP?

    whats that stand for 600 Busted Half Pringles?

    i just ask cos any donk thats putting out that sorta ponies even at the motor has got some SERIOUS pennies thrown at it, and theres no way you'd throw something like that in a friggen ratty arsed camira :LOL: :LOL: looks like its been painted with a brush :shock: and the panelbeating was done with meticulously and gently.... with a sledgehammer :LOL:

    sorry, i think that one needs the viking funeral more than your car did :wink:
  4. Look, it was painted with a brush. That's f@#k'n ART that is!
  5. I am proud of the bonnet scoop. It´s a custom job that I did for him - It used to be a paint tray, but with the help of my dremel and some paint its now a performance part. Rock on.

    The freshly painted red rims look kickin rad with the DIY white lettering job on the tyres. Every tyre was a different brand. lol.
  6. there is no way to fool the mighty coconuts! It´s just a shitty little camira, bone stock.

    The paint isnt brushed on - it´s sprayed, but its only one coat and he didnt really put too much prep work into it (no primer, light sand job).

    Its a funny ass car to look at - it gets loads of attention.
    He winges that everytime he is at a set of lights the people try to race him. lol

    BTW The proud owner in the pic is Dave - he is in his final year of med school. What a fine example of an australian-soon-to-be-doctor!
  7. _______________600 bhp_________________________

    Are you sure you did not miss a decimal point there somewhere??
  8. thats pretty impressive! what engine has it got in it??
  9. Who gives a turkey sh|t about the paint, give us photos of this so called engine? Im assuming youre crapping on from last post

  10. 2.0 litre 4cly auto of doom.
  11. hahahaha! awesome!!!!!!!
  12. lol! :LOL: :LOL: Wheres the personalised numberplates?I think WANKR would be quite fitting on that thing!! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Ah the Camira, the first disposable car in the Australian market.
    When it first came out one of the Formula 2 car racing teams grabbed a Camira engine to see if it was suitable as a race engine (right capacity).
    Pulled it apart, put it back together and sent it back.
    Verdict; would wear out in the pits, and was not meant to be able to be rebuilt or fixed if something went wrong. It took the introduction of the Opel trio (Barina, Astra and Vectra) to give GM's small car sector some credibility, and now they're replacing the Astra with a Korean car; is somebody asleep at the wheel at Fisherman's Bend?
  14. Coconuts that is pharken gold mate....."600 Busted Half Pringles" :LOL:
  15. 600 hp with the standard 14 inch wheels/tyres, that would be interesting :D
  16. I may be mistaken, but the bloke standing next to the car looks an awful lot like Greg Domasavich and that car sure does look like a Moe special?
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The only prob is that there is NO fluffy dice and NO shag pile around the wheel arches

    Cheers 8)
  18. Please don't tell us to the millimetre about your "chicken strips" because we don't care.