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Pics in posts

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Guys/Gals,

    Can we please avoid posting pics to these forums like the plague.


  2. Can't the option be disabled?

  3. not that I can see
  4. whats the reason for no pics in posts ? Just curious, not criticising.
  5. We look to ensure that those on non-broadband connections don't get turned away from the forums because of the etremely slow page load speeds for them because someone has inline insert images into their posts. It's just as easy to have it as a URL and the reader can click on it to view the picture if they wish. It's for this same reason that only small size avatars are allowed, and no pics in signatures.
  6. That's a double edged sword because every other forum I visit has multimedia available and it is a big draw card as well as adding to certain posts(you know a pic tells a 1000 words..etc) So I guess your turning people away who are looking for something a little more lively. To add; I use dial up at home which sits at roughly 40k and forums with pics don't take that long to load at all...plus the text loads instantly and if you want to wait for the pics to load you do. I mean really are there any people still left on 28k? and if so, should we all get disadvantaged to the lowest common denominator because of a few tightarses that don't want to upgrade their modems?
    I don't really see the point about being so anal about pics when it adds so much interest to a forum. Just my 2c anyway.
  7. Agree with Padros. Multimedia make's it better. i only recently got adsl in the last 4-5 months. Before then i was using 56k dial up.. and i still uploaded pics onto forums...

    How about you just make sure people dont make them huge resolutions, or if they do give a warning to dial up users.
  8. I'm suprised there's no module or something for phpbb. By user's choice, phpbb should be able to convert any images into links with the right addon.
  9. What he said!!! +1 from me... :applause: \:D/ hehe these smilies are cute.. :biker:
  10. All the forums i visit have a users choice (except this one of course)
    i dont have a problem with it and on the occasion have been one of the offenders as i think it adds the the reply. BTW my connection speed is 28.8 kbps because telstra cant get cable here nor a decent phone line.

    But i guess if you dont like the rules you can go elsewhere because its not about the users its about the "who could be here because we are refered by google"
  11. 1. there are lots of people stuck on slow dialup due to having nothing else. 28k is all tel$tra guarantee, regardless of modem type. If it's not going to make tel$tra a profit (not break even, not social responsibility, but a profit) or they are forced by the govt, they will not install adsl in an exchange, and even the subsidised tel$tra rural 1 way satellite is too bloody expensive.

    2. tightarses? read point 1, and why should someone else have to pay for broadband because you want pictures?

    3. Web sites are usually limited to an upload/download bandwidth and data limit, or they pay extra above a certain amount, this site is no different. Why should we all have to pay a premium (usually masses of adds) to allow for a picture we might not even want to see?

    4. 99% of internet users pay for a fixed amount of bandwidth, and have capped download limits, paying more for excess. Why should they use up their download quota on pic they don't want?

    url's are fine, then we get the choice. if your on B-band it'll only take a sec to load, wont it?

    One of the reasons I enjoy this site is the lack of "bling bling" bandwidth hogging crap, along with only a few relevant adverts.

    My two cents


    (I'm on two way sat, not dial up, because despite ADSL being available in an exchange 30 mtres from my house tel$ra still refuse to admit it's available for fark knows what reason, so I'm on HiBiS subsided satellite)
  12. Exactly.
  13. ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz
  14. Your points are valid but the connection issues pertain more to country folk then where the majority of us are, so once again back to the point of being disadvantaged by the minority. Anyway regardless of that topic...unless people are posting 500k pics your bandwidth usage is minimal and should not impact on your download limits. Not ever post will have pics and if a limit of say 80-100k per pic is set then this should have little impact. Also if you compare this to just about every other bike site I know, it's far behind in what you call bling...but I call functionality. Web developers were mindful of 28k 5yrs ago...not really today.
    Lastly out of all your reasons I think the site owners upload/download limits and the costs involved are probably the main factor in this restriction.

    Anyway I still visit here every now and then without pics....
  15. Exactly.[/quote]

    Ok that's why you see so many URL pics here :roll: ...most people don't know or don't have web space to upload to so it's much easier for Joe Shmoe web surfer to hit an upload button rather then work out how to uplaod pics to his own area somewhere. As easy as that concept is...there are so many people that would not/could not do it.
    So were not saying that you can't show multimedia here without it...it just makes it harder, which results in less content.
  16. Remember that next time you want to eat...

    The minority in the country create all the food you eat, but you couldn't care they get shafted by that selfish bulls@#t, & end up with poor service, no infrastucture, no farkin rights in a lot of cases.

    Next time you get a large fries at mcchucknspew, or kentucky fried cat, just think that the potato farmers up the n-west of tassie get paid the equivalent of one chip.

    In a City, you want something you can (usually) ring and have it delivered, or ring around, get the best price,go for a drive and pick it up.

    I can't even get a pizza delivered FFS!! With the lack of facilities, distances between centres, higher fuel costs... who would get the most advantage out of decent telecomunications, inc B-band?

    Please, spare me the "majority disadvantaged" crap, I only live 26 k's from the centre of a capital city. A lot of Urban dwellers cannot get broadband yet, should they suffer as well.

    Sorry, I'll calm down now, I get real angry with how selfish we've become as a nation... too bloody american in outlook

    (off high horse, onto bike... go for calming ride......)
  17. here here Iffracem, sentiment of a true Australian but you forgot the most important point, whenever city slickers want a decent ride where do they head?
  18. What Iffracem said is spot on. Fsck off all Australia can get broadband for whatever reason. I'm 30k from Hobart, and I can't get it. My girlfriend, on the Hobart side of the river but a 15 minutes drive up from my place at New Norfolk has it. Mind you, it's slow.
    I'm a Moderator on another forum. There's no signature pictures allowed on that forum, and if you've been warned about sticking 5 or 10 pictures in a thread, you'll be banned.
    And there's only two Mods on dial up, but the other 4 on broad band agree.
  19. But at least coming from tassie you know you'll always have someone else you can talk to about it.
    Half and half pizza's must be pretty popular down there!
  20. Funny.

    As cancer.