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Pics - hope this works

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by c0rrupt, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Sorry, just got myself a photobucket account and trying my hand at posting pics in a thread..

    here goes....

  2. hah! cool it worked!
  3. Success!!

    I've always loved the 'single-sided-swingarm-huge-front-brakes' look of that bike :).
  4. I know - I'm well happy that I'm not as pic posteing inept as I thought...

    yeah, I love the look of her also =P~
  5. Hopefully our own ImagePost module will be fixed soon and you won't need to use PhotoBucket; you'll be able to link directly to pictures on your own hard drive....
  6. Great - I look forward to that as I felt I was developing epilepsy when signing up and using the photobucket site
  7. Wow that is a HOT bike. Learner legal yes?
  8. Thanks, for some insane reason, yes. Not sure how though as even coming from riding bigger bikes this still surprises me with its power.
  9. Didn't Honda lie about the power of them?
  10. Not quite sure about that, but would be interested to hear more about it if anyone does know? As I heard something similar...
  11. Very nice mate !!!
  12. Just got my L's and was looking at getting an RVF. Apparently they scrape into LAMS by half kW.
  13. Can only say - GET ONE OF THESE.

  14. Question is, how much should I be paying for one?
  15. NOT 11 grand from Sumoto. They will be one of if not the most expensive learner legal bike though. Check redbook, although some say that their prices are somewhat inaccurate.
  16. Try 13k on road now at sumoto!
  17. OR dont go there

    sexy bike btw
  18. Great pic. Nice bike. And yes... I am just trying to get my ifrst 5 posts out of the way.