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Pics from Xmas Drinks at Flipper and Rollas

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. The silly season is upon us and last night we had a few Xmas drinks at HQ.
    Here are the pics from last night
    Lots of fun was had by all :LOL:

  2. Cheers for offering up ya pad again Flip and Dave :grin: The first in a long line of the many summertime :beer: pissups.Flip I left my gift there :facepalm: so if you could put it aside please,Ta.My head felt like this today ](*,)
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    Cheers :cool:
  4. We found your coasters this morning Ken. We also found Phanoongy's and funnily, we also found Glipschitz's handbag here too :rofl:
    Jafu, your bottle of red is safe ;)
  5. Thanks for a great night Deb. :grin:
    Pleased to know the red is still safe. :)
  6. yea thanks for a good night, as for my clock, i will have to pick it up in the car as i dont want to bother trying to get it on the back of the bike
  7. thanks for the night out guys :)
  8. Thoroughly enjoyable night. Thanks Deb and Dave

    Also thanks to my chauffeurs matt232 and eswen.
  9. Great night Deb and Dave. :grin:
  10. A great time by all and some very fitting pressies! :LOL: Thanks to Deb and Dave for the great night out
  11. :shock: Some people shouldnt own cameras.