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Pics from WSB at PI on Saturday.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dale, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Shots numbered wsb083-c.jpg - wsb086-c.jpg tells a great story. Body language in 86-c says it all. You got some great shots all round in there. [​IMG]
  2. Top stuff, Dale, I LOVE the first two; slow shutter speed and panned to within an inch of their lives!!!!!
  3. :WStupid:


    That bike was well & truely demolished. [​IMG]
  4. Great pics - good stuff dale :grin:
  5. great shots dude!!
  6. love this shot on jamie stauffer , it looks like he knew dale was taking his photo exiting siberia(?) corner. :cool:
  7. Top shots, the ones with the crash on turn 1 are sensational, you could sell them. :cool:
  8. Nice shots you have there :) this year I did not even bring a camera down to the island.... I hate not having my D70....compact cameras suck at action shots

    I should get off my ass and find out if the D70 can be fixed OR upgrade to a D80 :shock:
  9. Is that crashed bike actually split in half?????? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  10. I took a few shots at the supers as well, but most of them are crap because I was just using a small casio camera.


    Here's a pic of the Honorable Vic, Mini Vic and Kerry at SBK area, anyone would have thought he was working... :LOL:

  11. Awesome pics Dale, thanks for sharing :cool: :grin:
  12. Not quite at the half-way point. But yes the entire front end broke away......along with lotsa itty-bitty bits all throughout the kitty-litter.

  13. :-k You missing something in that pic Vic?
  14. Not very sun smart there Vic, need a bit of slip, slip, slap :rofl:
  15. Dale's shots are great! Loved the one with Jamie checking him out!

    My effort http://cejay.zenfolio.com/p615368834/

    I use a Canon 350D with a 16yo 75-300mm EOS lens. Jarrah's been helping me with moving away from the auto or creative modes and over to full manual. Mostly this is what I did for the weekend and generally I was pretty happy with the outcome. Still heaps to learn even though.

    I like this shot of the Fonz.


    And flames...

  16. Lovely shots guys. I need a bigger lens! I just couldn't zoom close enough to take good photos. But I did manage one I'm proud of.

  17. Taken by im.on.it with my camera:

  18. Nice pics Dale.

    What session did that Turn 1 shunt happen, how did it happen, and who was it?

    Body language in the last pic says it all. :(

    At least he walked away. :)
  19. May I?

    Thanks ;)

    Try using a really large aperture, and step down the ISO if you are going to shoot with lots of background. This will shorten the DOF and cause the background to be less distracting.