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Pic's From SuperBikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by popeswd, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. most racing is in video but will up load a racing pic now
  2. very noice indeed :grin:
  3. I uploaded a few photos of people here, little grainy as I has shutter settings all wrong :/

    Anyone not want their photo up, or the original, just give me a hoy.
  4. (that's my favourite photo of the whole damn day)

  5. I can't beat the shot of Carri's bum (nice though it is), or supply any other pic's of the hill, but some shots of the 3 days are here
  6. Has this thread gone the same way as Eswen's tail pipe??

    Not winging, just asking :grin: :grin:
  7. Oh but i can picture what it would look like based of that. It's a good picture too!!

    On a serious note, does anyone actually have some pictures of Carri and the Crew who went down to the Island so i can put afew more faces to names. I like having faces to names even if i've never personally met the person. I personally find it helps caht with the person via the net when you have seen their face. Kinda helps gauge what they are like.

    From that photobucket set i only recognize....Vic, Jason, Minna, Carri's Bum, Flipper????(with the video camera) and i think that's it.

    Anyone care to put names to the pictures??
  8. you went and took photos of bikes?????????????
    you sick man where are the women?????????

    Nice arse by the way carri :LOL:
  9. I know :shock: Camera was pointing the wrong way, if only I had realised :)

    First time I met Vic as well. I could have taken photo's of him, but that might have drawn howls of protest!
  10. Great pics guys, Looks like you all had a good time :)
  11. great weather and good pics
  12. and good burnouts, late at night :wink:
  13. Very humerous Vic-had to be there moment,and the winner for most memorable moment of the day it seems,the picture of Carri,s bum.