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Pics from my frist ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by edgelett, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. OK, took some pics on my frist two days riding, thanks to AF2AF3 for the pics from the first day.

    first day was a group ride, second was a solo one.
    Select pics:



    and the full album here:
  2. Are you sick of people telling you how cool your bike looks, yet? :grin:
  3. What's with the photo that doesn't have you bike in it? :? :LOL:
  4. wow hot ride...
  5. WOW... looks fantantic!!

    so does it ride as expected???
  6. That is the Horniest Hornbag on earth.
  7. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

    Top effort that.
  8. omg edgelett, shes a sexy girl that hornet :grin:
  9. "Thou shalt not covet......"
  10. Be very proud of yourself Edgelett, she looks awesome :cool:
  11. I'm gunna kick myself for saying this, but THAT is a nice look'n Hoonda....
  12. Niiiiiiiccccccceeeeeee ride mate :woot:
  13. Looks HAWT. What about a shot with the proud as punch owner doing a rideby?

    edit: I was just perusing through the Netrider garage. Can't say I was surprised to see your bike atop the list for most midifications :LOL: Kudos to you :wink:
  14. Nice bike!!!!!
  16. woiah.
    sexyt bike :D
  17. Thanks guys,
    to answer your questions, no I'm not sick of people telling me it looks sweet, the pic without my bike was to show where we went, and Drew, it rides like a DREAM. most fun I've ever had on a bike.

    thanks for all your kind comments, hopefully some of you get to see it in the flesh when I head to melbourne in October.