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Pics Finally VTR250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I finally got off my erse to post some pics of my baby VTR

    It's a shame its because the time has come for her to find a new home.


    Has been a fantastic bike, but restrictions are soon up and a supersports is calling!


  2. Hi Arik,

    How did you find the screen for your bike? I have a naked and I'm off to Peter Stevens to get one tomorrow.
  3. wow, that is MINT...

    kudos to such a meticulous owner. Which reminds me Dasiy is calling for her hourly clean. :LOL:
    ...better get the armor all out
  4. Roscoe,

    the screen was great for freeway speeds - much more comfortable /quiet for tucking in. In summer around town I found I actually missed the ventilation and removed it.
    The stock honda screen is also not the most stylin I've seen, If you are in the market I'd look at the universal fit ones available.
  5. How did you find the wind on the screen when doing freeway speeds? I'm interested in how it feels considering it is attached to the bars, does it give you any bad feedback and have in impact on how hard you need to hold the bars?
  6. :shock: has that thing even been ridden??
  7. +1 that is a well looked after machine. You will have absolutly no problems selling that. Ask for top dollar mate. :grin:
  8. ahhhhh
    im blinded its too shiny!
    plus one to duff. it looks like newer than something off the factory floor

  9. Roscoe:
    The screen attaches to the headlight mounts. It is a very solid fit- there's no vibration or movement.
    At freeway speed with a screen there is less pressure on your chest which is more comfortable- I don't think a VTR is ever going to go fast enough to feel a 'pull' through the bars!!

    And yeah, Duff, I've ridden it, every day :grin:

    When it rained (maybe three or four times last 15 months?!) it got a clean.
    Spraying some WD40 on the engine etc when it is clean also helps the muck come off next time

    When I clean something, it stays clean. Mind you I am looking forward to only having to clean fairings :wink:
  10. hmmm any tips to get the muck off?? i wash my bike every week (wash = windex or mr sheen :oops: )

    WD40 on the engine to keep muck from sticking.. any other tips? Mine's going to need it after the rain this week!

    2004 VTR with only 7700 kms?? you must live next door to work!! :LOL:
  11. Yeah, my commute is v short, and I live close enough to twisties not to have to commute too long for a decent fang :grin:

    Haven't really done any long trips as I wanted to keep the K's of this bike - was always going to sell it as soon as the restrictions came off. Few trips to port lonsdale the longest 'boring straight road' rides Iv'e done. Gotta make it up the Hume soon- alpine way through khancoban top of the decent ride list.

    The real trick with getting muck off is not letting it build up - at all - rinse quickly after riding in the rain, clean properly every week, keep the chain clean and don't let the lube get too cruddy. The crc/wd40 means the quick rinses wash of most of the crap. Not sure this would be a good idea on painted bits, but works a treat partic on the bare alloy oilpan. I do use a bit of WD40 on the rear shock / left hand swingarm as they pick up tar and chainlube and can be a bugger to keep clean. Spot cleaning tar and grease with something a bit stronger like wheel cleaner - although again, not on painted bits. That wheel cleaner stuff is pretty toxic - I think it is dilute hydrochloric acid

    Nakeds get a lot of roadcrud on the cooling fins and hard to reach bits...I found a plastic washing up brush, quick spray with degreaser on the non-painted bits, and detergent works pretty well.
  12. ahhh ok cheers mate!! Clean bike is a good bike!
  13. SOLD!

    Well that was quick! Gone to a fellow netrider who I hope will love and care for her as much as I did!
  14. Arik:

    I bought one last month (2005 model) very similar to yours. The guy sold to me said he fitted after market indicators but I checked with other VTR250 on the street, those indicators are almost the same. What was your original indicators? The guy gave me the original rear panel as spare but I have never seen such on the street. Thanks.
  15. The original indicators are quite large and square, have a orange tinted lens. Any official honda photo of the VTR's (and I think hornets and CBR600s) will show these blinkers. The aftermarket ones I fitted were small oval shaped 'generic' aftermarked ones I got from Redwing honda - if you look at the image links you can see the aftermarket ones I used.

    The only reason to mod the originals is for cosmetic reasons - so if they are still big it may be that he replaced the originals with new stock ones??