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[pics] CBR or CR?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by _joel_, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I took my gorgeous new baby for a ride in the rain today, 600kms including ~50km of dirt (mud) road.

    that mud will come straight off-

    and the arty farty one-

    apologies to cejay, it probably hurts your eyes to see your old baby this dirty :LOL:
  2. Mud schmud! As you said, it comes off!
    How'd she go on the unsealed roads?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. very twitchy, and not as encouraging as the CBR1000F. just meant i had to slow down a bit :)
  4. What's "a bit"? I went out on the dirt roads for a bit of site seeing and if it was for my chook chaser days telling me to stay clear of the front brake I'm quite sure I would have been eating dirt in most corners... In the end, after a few hairy moments, I puttered home and vowed to steer clear of anything made of dirt/gravel/mud from now on.
  5. yeah, slowed down significantly, really.
    nothing much over 80 clicks, but generally 60ish --> 5ish in the deep mud ;)

    our farm is 30kms of dirt to get there, always rode there on my road bikes. you just learn what not to do i guess. but reality is that if you get caught out, you eat dirt quick :)
  6. "Yeah, you like that, you're a dirt girl, aren't you? Yeah, you love it. Uh huh. Awwww yea, baby...."
  7. Yeah dirt is fun, the less fairing you have, the more fun it becomes :p
  8. Do they make knobby tyres for the 'Blade?? :LOL: