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Pics being uploaded slowly from my Japan + Hong Kong trip

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I thought this might take interest for some. A fookload of pics from our belated honeymoon. 2.5 weeks in Japan and about a week in Hong Kong. I'd write more but I had to get a tooth removed due to crunching on bones in yummy seafood (that we picked from tanks swimming literally minutes before hand) and I snapped a quarter off a back tooth off from a tooth I had semi recently had major surgery/filling put in and was booked in to get a crown on it after we got back.. Oh well... Murpheys law and all that.

    It's a work in progress.. http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/Japan/ (and Hong Kong will go up as well sometime soonish)

    Also going to upload all the unedited pics (mainly resolution) to my premium flikr account once my payment is processed for an upgraded account!.

    Theres actually quite a few mbike pics taken, loads of engrish and loads of general in awe pics whilst sigh seeing at castles etc

    Japan RULED for me :) Very personal trip! 20 years in the making!
  2. Man your life seems to be getting better all the time! Great missus, great trip rock on!! :cool: :cool:
  3. Why thank you :D

    I just got back from an appointment with the 2 plastic surgeons I have been seeing of late. I'm still on track for healing, slowly but surely. The way I have been of late, they showed me their best surgery offer which is moving a lat tendon to get my hand/arm to be able to flex (to the right) so I can do my above waist arm movements more fluid/life like so to speak.

    HOPEFULLY that part actually kicks in (soon) and I may not need it, or something lesser or possibly no surgery at all. 6 months before I need to see them again, god damn this healing of nerves does take it's time ;)

    I also lose the 'benefit' of loss of earnings stuff with TAC in March so I have to work out my options of what I plan to do. Work/study/etc with the way my arm/shoulder + pain is... Bloody hard as things change from week to week (pain + sleep wise) and my recovery is sloooooooooooooow due to the nature of brachial plexus injuries/healings.

    Oh well, I'm alive and independent, really can't complain eh?

    Hope you are all well! *vroom vroom*
  4. If anyone wants to see the pics (resized on the fly as per usual photobucket stuff, untouched files to Flickr ONCE they get around to doing the damn transaction, like 4-5 days wait so far.. grrr)


    http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/hong kong/

    LOADS of mbike (scooters + pushies as well) pics scattered in there as well. Japan really knows how to intergrate 2 + 4 wheel vehicles together VERY nicely on the road. If only Australia could do 1/10th as well, we would have a lot less to complain about!

    Still grinning ear to ear thinking about Japan! Now to get back used to the bike, but mmmmmm, a newly purchased Nintendo Wii (and my wife got a Nintendo DS lite) is helping me 're-adjust' by staying at home on windy/wet days! My body [read..shoulder mainly] is finally good enough to allow me to use the Wii controllers. Until semi recently, ANY sudden movement on the body was liable to pop my shoulder out of it's socket, quite loud!!! And scared anyone near me due to the noise..

    So.. another sign my healing is moving forward still :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Hopefully soon* my arm will do that magic point I've set which means I have enough control to consider myself content with it then life will be just grand I say.

    *soon can mean any time frame from NOW to a year or 3 *cough*

    Hope you are all well, at least better than my damn arm (time frame included)