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Pics and naming of my new Baby Girl

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Yeah, why the hell not

  2. No, that's SUCH a wanker thing to do

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  3. Great Idea, Doonks, you're THE MAN !!!!

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  1. Here she is :grin:

    She looks even more lovely and perfect in real life. I simply can't stop grinning !
  2. aah isn't she cute! Great bike very jealous!!!!!
  3. what a honey. thx for the pics.
  4. so how does it wheelie? :grin:
  5. mate, top job on the new purchase ;)
  6. Nice looking bike Doonks...well done!
  7. she'll be making an appearance at Brandon Park Coffee tonight
  8. Went for a ride with a mate and his +1 to Daylesford yesterday, out along the Western Highway, turned off at Myriong, up to Trentham, and then onto Daylesford.

    It was 'slightly' drizzly when we left South Oakleigh, but not much more than heavy misty type drizzle, annoying really. But after we got through the Burnley Tunnel, it was clear and we never saw a drop again.

    She is awesome to ride, power delivery is just ass-snappingly quick. Ride is easy and comfy. I think the suspension is a little stiff for me, but not knowing that much about suspension set-up, I don't know if it's me or the bike. Anyway, Mick at Performance Bikes is servicing her on Wednesday, I'll chat to him about it, and about aftermarket suspensions as well ;)

    Oh, and even with the factory standard pipe on it, the V4 just sounds tremendous. What brand pipe do you reckon will make sound it's best, or being a V4 won't the brand matter ?
  9. very sweet ride there
    im very envious lol
  10. Congrats, Doonks.

    Nice shade of dog-member red, too.
  11. aaahhhh - the old pink pencil hey !

    Actually the colour in the pics doesn't do it justice, for some reason it's a little washed out or pinky. Don't know why. The bike is actually that rich Ferrari Red.
  12. Looks fantastic dude. Congrats.
  13. Love the single sided swingarm! :)
  14. congrats :) nice to see your happy with her!
  15. Doonks she looks great. Classic VFR Red!!

    Pipe wise, Staintune make a great sounding highrise pipe that sho's off your single sided swing arm for $650. Just buy, Bolt-on and roar!

    With that pipe on it it will sound like an old V8, I used to love how it made my '00 VFR sound :)
  16. Very nice, you must look like the Cheshire Cat!
  17. Re: Pics of my new Baby Girl

    Congratulations Doonks! She is indeed a beauty. :)

    Will she be called "Interceptor" or you have something else in mind like the good old "Vampire"? :wink:
  18. names, hmmmm, I have been thinking, but am not yet decided.

    VFR Veronica
    Vivvy the Viffer
    The Flame

    maybe I should start a naming thread ?
  19. Should I name my bike ?

    I named the Kwakka "The Vampire" based on it's colour scheme of Blood Red & Black. Now the VFR is here in go fast Ferrari Red, should I also give her a name ?

    Suggestions ?
  20. call it puddles.... puddles is a nice name :grin: