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Pics: 2009 Honda CBR600, Repsol Fireblade - now with ABS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I reckon my 07/08 model just went up in value ;)
  2. Yeah yours looks hot Dougz. I agree, better than these ones. Not a fan of the trispokes or that wacky light blue one... I'd have the blue/grey one on the second page.

    (and who'd have a Repsol paint job?!?! pffffttttt)
  3. i like the blue and white...hmm abs huh....why not just wack a bmw logo on the side of the thing :roll:
  4. I'm referring more to the fact that from next few years onwards you won't be able to buy a Honda Supersport 600RR without ABS :shock:

    Fcuk that.

    (but mine is hot, yeah. ;))
  5. Oh, I forgot to add: if you like any of those photos, click through on them and hunt down the full-size jobbies, they are massif.
  6. Garish colours - yeech
    3-spoke rims - more yeech
    ABS - OMG yeech!
  7. That cobolt fireblade is very tasty. Not sure why Honda insist on the combined braking throughout (pretty much) the entire range.
  8. Looks gorgeous in my opinion, especially the blue one! :)
  9. +1 - love the blue rims, and i've always liked the repsol schemes :grin: Although the ABS addition is ... interesting? Has Honda made other bikes with ABS before?
  10. Quite a few, actually... The VFR800, ST1300, CB400, Goldwing, Silverwing... probably a few others.

    This'll be the first Honda RR bike that's got ABS as far as I know, and (as pointed out earlier in this thread) soon combined-braking ABS will be a non-optional feature on most if not all Honda motorcycles.
  11. *smacks head*

    Of course! The gold wing! How can I forget? LOL… my bad!
  12. Those colours for the 600RR and the 1000RR are all the European colours. The 2009 Australian colours have not been announced yet.

    Sorry, mate. Not true.

  13. so... whats so bad about abs again?
  14. Some systems are harder to bleed than normal brakes, 'one more part of the bike to go wrong', can't deliberately lock the wheel(s) for better or worse, often can't stoppie, more weight, more cost, can't deliberately lowside the bike using the rear brake in order to avoid a crash (?!), mass-hysteria and misinformation about ABS brakes not stopping the bike on surfaces the bike couldn't stop on in the first place, cats and dogs sleeping together...

    ... and in the case of Honda's combined system, the bike slightly biases the brake balance front/rear for you.

    I own an ABS bike myself, but I have concerns that driver aids such as ABS, stability control, etc, combined with the wrong driver/rider attitude may make make drivers/riders complacent and totally reliant on the systems.

    (But then, some people are going to be complacent even without the systems, so... hmm.)
  15. What were the designers smoking to create the 09 bikes.???? :tantrum:

    Good web links, the Repsol bike looks ok, wish that I had my 07 in Repsol colours,
    Did any one check the link to the Yammie R1? Not my cup of tea, the front shot with Rossi looks a bit, only bit like Yamaha got some cues from the ZX10R.
    They should have made it look more like the R6 but bulkier.

    The new 10R, CBR and R1 in my opinion are a bit ave and should not have been changed so much, maybe they will grow on me, but for now I am a bit disappointed.

    At least we always have Ducati......
  16. Personally I don't mind the grey/black and black/green models, and the Repsol had me from hello as per usual with the Repsol Hondas. Hell, I even think the Repsol NSR150's look alright...they're just the size of your average coffee table, which isn't user friendly for somone 6'2" :cry:

    I gotta admit I'm in the 'stay in the stoneage' club with most things, and don't particularly like the idea of ABS on a bike...or anything that messes with my user input, for that matter. Of course, you could just somehow happen to find that the ABS actuator connection had somehow dislodged itself due to vibration... :wink:

    Most of us probably just want the throttle bodies to open when you jam your wrist back, and the brakes to clamp on when you use them - both reacting to your input as you intended. I guess the end point is that everyone likes to be in control of what they are doing, and having ABS - although a potential life saver - robs us of some of that control. To each their own, eh?

    - boingk
  17. That green/black one appeals heavily to me, being a Kwaka rider. Its almost asking me to switch loyalties - I guess they had this in mind!!

    Nice site, Loz :cool:
  18. Does anyone know what flavors are likely to come to OZ. I was holding off upgrading because I don't like the current colour schemes but I really love those 1000RR schemes.
  19. I expect Honda Australia to announce their colour schemes once they run out of 2008 YM`s.