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Picnic Swimming

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hi y'all

    taking the family on a picnic cruise one of the coming weekends.

    trying to decide between The Entrance (most likely) or Bents Basin (backup plan)

    Apologies in advance for the hold up on the old pac!! lol gonna be a convoy of about 5 vehicles (4 bikes + 1 car) all sticking to the speed limit (mix of L and P platers). trying to get there around 11am - 12pm.

    has anyone been swimming at bents basin? last time i was there the water looked a little murky and green / yellow
  2. with all the rain i wouldnt be swimming at Bents, Entrance much better, Terrigal even better
  3. the entrance has got some wicked currents - I wouldnt go there to swim. Nice spots for kids are Spoon Bay (near Terrigal), or maybe Umina or Terrigal. Good facilities at Terrigal but can be a bit crowded. Never swim in the lagoons - they're horrible. Maitland Bay is the best but requires a bit of a bush walk in. Abit further north there's a place called Murrays Beach which is on Lake Macquarie.