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Pickup tries to kill motorcyclists.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rohizle, May 26, 2011.

  1. Riders Warning: Rage inducing video.

  2. i wonder if the police booked the driver, or they booked the rider for overtaking on double lines?
  3. They're just lucky the redneck pickup driver pulled a crowbar and not a sawn-off shotgun out of his vehicle. I would have ridden straight to the police station rather than take that risk.
  4. That pickup is bookin' it.
  5. hell yeah he was. what a c*unt
  6. just wow, bloody rednecks
  7. Just watched death proof perhaps?
  8. I've got some video of a cock in a VL dunnydore who tried the same with me on the black spur... ****ing wankers all around the world
  9. Wow. What a ****.
  10. Yeah I've had a black aurion do that whilst I was lane spliting. Had to jump on the anchors. What a wanker though. Redneck piece of shit
  11. Top advice. Not worth surviving a ride like that only to get knifed or shot confronting the driver.
  12. Maybe it is time to install spring loaded blades into my gauntlets. Ninja style. Just incase.
  13. words fail me...
    could not believe what i was watching...
    what a complete nutter...
  14. I'm really not that surprised. This is a road lined with houses, people live along this road. It looks like one of the less stable members of society has had enough of people treating the road as a race track. It's a good video because it made me think about a few of the roads I like to have fun on, and I'm not sure how I would feel if I traded places with someone who lived next to them.
  15. especially if they have kids playing in the front yard all the time
  16. Ah rednecks, these bikers obviously haven't seen easy rider.
  17. Re: Driver tries to kill motorcyclist for passing him...

    nothing has been done to the pick up driver ?
    wow, reminds me of Victoria. that's EXACTLY what would happen if you called the cops here. nothing haha, not a ****ing thing they'd do about it.
    Kentucky is our sister state yall, yeeehaawww *chicken dance*
  18. Re: Driver tries to kill motorcyclist for passing him...

    Back in the good old days that hillbilly's shit wouldn't be 'going to jail'.........it would be going to hospital.
  19. Re: Driver tries to kill motorcyclist for passing him...

    From the rider who was filming:

  20. Thank f**k for that! Hope the redneck spends the next 20 bending over for big Bob!