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Pickup-only special at Crust? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Good job =D>
  3. I'm happy to report they weren't destroyed in the process, either… oh delicious philly steak pizza, I love you so much… hnnnnngggg
  4. You'd have to reheat it once you got home!
  5. Now you know why bikes with underseat exhausts were invented ???

  6. Only about 1.5km, was still warm!
  7. Where's the coke?

  8. And the garlic bread
  9. I did a shift of pizza delivery on my gn250 with pizza boxes occy strapped to the rack once when my car wasn't running.
  10. Well I did a shift with no vehicle running and no box, so I removed the pizza from its box, stuffed it inside my singlet, and ran.
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  11. i dont think he drinks cooke, but if you look closely i think you can tell red bull is hes drink of choice :)
  12. Is that a can of Red bull strapped to the side of the bike?
  13. NOS :twisted:
  14. It's his wings. Best way to avoid traffic
  15. I once avoided traffic, and didn't use any NOS Red Bull.

    I stayed at home.

    And licked pizza off my chest.
  16. The challenge would have been challenging had you ridden home one handed in 2nd the whole way. THAT would be shareworthy.

    Duct tape really is the invention, second only to the wheel, that has aided in the forward progress in man.
  17. I used to use the magnetic tank bag but reverse the straps on it to hold the pizza down on top. The bag just provided a flat surface to work with. Still rode one handed except for start/stop to make sure it didnt move
  18. This is how it's done -

    Also, ilegant, it's gaffer tape, not duct tape just fyi.