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Picking up the bike tomorrow !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by I'm Simon, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Woo Hoo... picking up the bike tomorrow afternoon. If you see a maroon / black ZZR putting around Hoppers / Werribee with an uncoordinated rider that looks like this.. :shock: , that will be me :rofl:

    Looking forward to getting out there... if anyone around the area feels like riding with a new rider and offering advice, I am only too eager to learn. I wont be straying too far from home for the first week or so.


  2. I've seen that look before, in the mirror :LOL: . Good luck Hopper, enjoy yourself and stay safe.
  3. First ride tonight ...man is the most fun you can have with your clothes on !

    Gotta say...I am enjoying the ZZR ...

    anyways..pics of my baby....

  4. ZZRs are indeed very hot. Makes me smile when I realise how huge I look on it though :D
  5. It looks great Hopper. Take it easy at the start and you'll be fine :)
  6. Have fun Simon. :biker:
  7. Simon,

    Toy run on Sunday, look for the thread, join in.

    Or call me and i'll meet you at your place/my place, whichever.

  8. Nice - maybe a little too nice. :wink:

    Take it easy out there. A tip: Never trust other drivers or their indicators! All they want to do is put some scratches/cracks/dents onto you and/or your bike. :evil:

    Other than that, enjoy your ride! :grin:
  9. Thanks for your well wishes guys, I picked the bike up last night with Mrs Hopper following close and protecting my arse , dunno who was more nervous me of her :eek:hno: Riding up Sayers Rd toward home I caught a couple of gusts of wind and realised how easy it is to be blown around.

    Went for a spin around Hoppers and down to Point Cook and back and basically went through these stages... :eek:hno: :shock: :eek: :) :grin: :LOL: :biker:

    Went a little wide on one corner, but it was a good learning curve and reminder to respect the bike and be mindful of my own almost non-existant abilities.

    Will be out practicing again tonight.
  10. Simon, sweet bike, hope you enjoy, stay safe.
  11. I'm down the road if you ever want to go for a cruse around the area... just not this weekend, work :(
  12. No problem Roscoe...always up for a ride with local NR's, maybe weekend after next.
  13. Vic, unfortunately I can't make it Sunday, family committments, I am planning to ride down to Willy coffee on Monday nite to meet some NR's. Thanks for the invite though. :)