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Picking up my new bike in the morning (Sat)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by streetmaster, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. After being without my own bike since april (after a stupid little cagerdecided to take out me & my ride) I have had to rely on the generosity of others for a loaner!
    I have been looking & had decided that I had to have a full fared bike but couldn't decide on which one. A true super sport was out (back issues!) So I was leaning heavily towards a VFR 800 in red.
    Then I saw 'IT' & I was sold!!!
    A friend has described it as "its like lucy liu and angelina jolie and catherine zeta-jones ... and a terminator .. all made into a proper sexy/evil machine"
    & I tend to agree!!!
    Styling is a love it or hate it,,,, I'm in the love it catagory!!!

    2010 Kwikasfuki Z1000!!!


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  2. looks Kwickasfuki !
  3. Looks like a transformer.

    Having trouble seeing you on anything but a cruiser atm.
  4. niiiiiice. very very nice!!!
  5. I know how you feel mate, felt the same way about my B-King :).
  6. I think I hate you, that's awesome
  7. have fun trying to sleep tonight lol congrats on the crapasaki mate :)
  8. Niiice, the new Zthou is a wicked bike!

    Congrats on the new toy:applause:
  9. Love it, especially the colour scheme. That's the first colour combo that I've seen on that bike that I liked. (ditch the muffler asp)
  10. Yum! Very nice,
    I've got a z750 and the orange Z1000 is about the only bike that gives me bike envy.
    Beautiful piece of hardware,
  11. sexy...looks like it makes brrm brrm noises :)
  12. I agree. Top color scheme. But what cheap chinzy looking mufflers. They stuffed them up big time.
    Congrats on the Z. :)
  13. ..... a recent road test I read said this was the first decent Z-1000 for about the last 5 models!!!
  14. very nice,,
  15. New baby's home. Rides like a dream & soooo much grunt down low to mid.
    Having trouble keeping the front wheel on the ground!
    & I actually like the mufflers. I think they go well with the lines of the bike (sound pretty good too!)
    One thing it desperately needs is a tail tidy!!

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  16. Nice Dave, VERY nice. Perhaps you'll be prepared to show it off at next week's Chocky Mill ride??? I'd love to check out your new steed.
  17. I'd love to, but I let my licence laps years ago & have had to start again, so I have to wait a couple of months before I'm allowed to ride it for real. (quick scoots around the estate for now!)
    Why did I buy a bike that I'm not allowed to ride??? Coz I wanted it!!!!
    Also it's the only white one I could find & this colour is being discontinued for green!
    Plus the winter prices just can't be beat!
  18. ah very nice machine, love the look of em.