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Picking up my bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Honni, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me.
    I've recently bought a vt250 and am still learning to ride, and unfortunately I have now put the bike down 3 times.
    None of the drops were big deals, but my problem is my bike weighs 172kg, and I'm only a third of that and am really struggling to get it back up again.
    Is there a particular technique I should be using, or is it just heave til I get it upright again? And please don't tell me to get a smaller bike! (cos that only leaves me with a scooter or postie bike as I'm also fairly short :( )
    I really would appreciate any hints or tips anyone can give me, thanks.

  2. I reckon it's about time you stopped dropping your bike ;)

    A little demo from the HART guys made it look easy... but I've yet to try it.

    1) Stand square on from the side of your bike.
    2) Take one end of the handle bar the one closest to the ground and pull up until it hits steering lock.
    3) Bend knees and squat close to your bike.
    4) Lift with legs and arms keeping back straight.
    5) Be careful not to tip the bike over on the other side.

    *tip if you're able to, put the side stand down before lifting.
  3. Why do you keep dropping it? Is it because i'ts too tall? Have you thought about lowering it or getting the seat shaved ?

    Edit. Just read your first post, so this all happened in your back yard right? You need to book in for lessons before you hurt yourself and your bike.

    They will also teach you lots of cool stuff like how to ride the bike without dropping it and how to pick it up if you do.
  4. Thanks v much for the feedback. I dropped it the first time in my yard, the other two times were when I was out taking lessons and turned too sharply with too low revs.
    Yeh, I know I need to stop dropping it, that's why I'm taking lessons! :p
    I've already have it lowered as far as poss via the shocky settings n I can put my feet flat to the floor (just!)
    Thanks for the heads up re: the technique, have tried it already & have had more luck already. Yay!
    I'm embarassed enough bout having done it, let alone admitting it, but I figure it's better to do that and get the right info than hurt myself. Anyways, I'm off again to practice, practice, Practice!
  5. I've dropped my bike once and the pressure on you to get it back up is immense. The only real place you can lift your bike is from the handle bars. im.on.it's advice is gold - most importantly is to lift with your legs not your back. Make sure you have a really solid stance, lock the wheel towards you, straighten and lock your back in, squat, and just heave it up in one. Don't get too eager though, allow the bike to lean on you a bit to stop you from letting it go the other way.

    Re: the back thing -
    a) this will prevent you from destroying your back
    b) your legs are where all your strength is.

    I'm a relatively small bloke myself, I'm about 170-175cm and weigh around the 65kg mark. My bike dry weighs 180-200kg and I can only tippy toe when the bike is on completely flat ground.

    I found the reason I dropped my bike the first time was because I was not prepared for the load of the bike on my legs when unbalanced. My legs gave way and by the time I had regained composure it was too late and I had to let the bike down. Now that I am more aware of my bike even if I do unbalance I've been able to catch it with my legs.

    Tip: Leg presses & calf raises @ the gym. hahahaa.
  6. I have a VTR too, undropped for now... :p but i've had to pick up my friends one a couple of times due to wet roads and oil. its easiest to pick up by placing one hand on the handlebars and the other on the little metal hoops that stick out from under the pillion seat. Lift with your legs, keep your back straight and it should come up nice and easily!

    go try it!! *jks*

    nah seriously hope you don't drop it again :) but hope these tips help. If you need pics showing the loop (might be a bit vague in the description above) let me know!
  7. I just went outside and lowered gently my dads trials bike on its side. I stood beside it with the seat and handle bars facing me. Each hand took hold of the grips an i pulled it up easy. I would love to try it on a VTR250 to see how it is as the Fantic 250 is only like 90kg.
  8. 90kg?? That's nothing!
  9. +1 on that, I've had do it and it worked brilliant
  10. Whilst practicing for my P's test, during the cone weave....I grabbed the front brake like a good moron should and the bike fell over to my left.... My immediate reaction was to place my butt on the seat, grab the left handlebar with my right hand and the pillion seat with my left hand...after that I slowly raise the bike using my leg strength until its nearly upright, then I use my right leg to kick the kickstand down... 200kg cruiser

    Even the instructor was impressed!! But little did he know I saw a video on some site in the U.S where a 5'5 lady rider lifts up what looks like a BMW RS1100 touring bike (goldwing-esque)....
  11. just be careful that you dont lift too fast or you may end up chasing your bike the othe way as it falls away from you! (dont ask how I know).
    Always keep balance, both yourself and the bike, lift from the inside of the fallen bike, is position yourself 'under' the handle bars, dont try and drag a bike up from being 'over' it, unless you're Schwarzenegger you will struggle!