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Picking up my bike tomorrow :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tunelliner, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. YAY... i am officially picking up my bike (250 Hornet) tomorrow morning!
    Now before anybody flames me for having no pictures, I promise I will put em up by tomorrow 2pm, otherwise I'll happily accept a forum spanking :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    If anyone is travelling towards the Manly direction at around 10-11am OR see me at UQ at 4pmish near the 412 bus stop, you could probably guess its meeeeeee.

    I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight :(.. It's going to be a realll longgg nighttt
  2. Someone from my neck of the woods... I'll keep an eye out for a red 2fiddy... similarly if you see a crappy DR250 gettin around town its most likely me... well that or the only other guy I have seen with the same crappy choice in bikes... when our paths crossed we both nearly fell off out of shock... kinda wished I had it'd be a good excuse for a new bike... :roll:
  3. congrates mate and good luck
  4. thanks guys...

    Icetime i dont live near manly. i live nearer to the city, but im just picking it up from manly :) then riding home!
  5. Tunnelliner... fair enough... well go for a ride along the waterfront while you are there... :)
  6. cool.hope the weather is good :(
  7. That is awesome. What colour?

    When you say near the 412 bus stop do you mean the bike parking outside the entrance to the great court? If so I'll be there around 4 as well. I'll be on my way home if you wanted to go for a burn around the suburbs. Look for a black SV650 with a yellow disk lock.
  8. i
    officially picked it up!

    well one sorry :LOL:

    btw i PMed you superunknown
  9. Suhweet - you'll definitely have a heap of fun on that baby!
  10. (muttering...Tsk, Tsk,...sometimes it just doesnt click with people) :roll:
    "Tunnelliner, I know you've only just picked it up today mate but didja know ya can ride it........wasnt it hard ta get on tha bus with it " :? :?

    Congrats mate enjoy :p
  11. Congrats mate !!
    Excellent Choice :wink:
  12. wasnt too expensive either ;)
  13. nice bike :p
    comfortable ride too.
  14. I guess so,
    I've done around 400k's over the last two days

    I took out for a blat last night with a mate, my bum started to get sore at the end :S :oops:
  15. Wait a minute, I thought you got a new bike not a new friend :p
  16. oops ... Thats what happens when you are procrastinating mid-way through writing a report

    "Took it out (as in the bike)" lol