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Picking up m new bike today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raiden337, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm finaly picking up my new bike today and I'm nervous as hell.... Cant wait to feel that wind as i ride though.

    I've purchased a new Hyosung GT250R Black and i'm nervous about getting used to the riding position and clutch, Balance, turning, braking not an issue but the clutch and not stalling is always on my mind :D

    Anyway i'm sure these nerves are normal and once i'm in my gear and sitting on the bike i'll be fine. P.S. I'm an L plater.

    Any tips for me?

    Wish me luck guys!
  2. Hmm let's see.. if you're riding it home today, it's going to rain!
  3. Welcome to the world of 2 wheels...... :grin:

    Congrats on the new purchase.
  4. Congrats on the new bike...

    Just ride on back streets first to get used to the bike before heading out into traffic. But you should be fine.....

    Oh and if it rains ride smoothly (As I did in my first ride on my bike anyways).
  5. Above tips all great... except i bought it from Peter Stevens in dandenong... straight out onto a highway.

    Hey guys I'm home now. All went off with out a hitch... except for a set oflight where i forgot what gear i was in... taking off in second doesn't go to well... All good i just waited for the next set of lights and tried again in first.

    I'm very happy and now addicted to riding, It's alot easier than i thought in my head. I first got on the bike and let me tell you now my nerves were all over the place. I rode next to my friend to her car and said thank you for giving me a lift to the bike shop and then i took off and headed home. first straight and my first time over 50Km'h was a lot of fun, second 2Ks into the trip i relised i forgot my mirrors so i quickly adjusted these at the lights. took the whole trip as a getting to know the bike lesson and i had a lot of fun. Engine was crisp, gears were a joy to click through and the bike over all was very forgiving.

    I met peak hour traffic about 5ks into the trip so i had to use the slow moving technique i was taught at DECA, eventually i got home and just smiled. Motorbikes are "Me" I loved every second of it.

    Oh and my nerves were gone as of the 2nd K.

    Hyosung GT250R, black... nice bike :D
  6. Don't forget to whack a photo of it in the garage!