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Picking up Chicks

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Okay guys & gurls This is way of track ( please don't get upset with me.)

    Ps. its in this forum as it proberly be a joke to some of you.

    But I have just turned 19 and do not have a girlfriend (never had), but desperately want to go out with a girl. I get looks from girls when about shopping and stuff :wink: But I am told shy/scared to ask them out :oops:

    Tips/advice needed on how to ask girls out that you have never seen before/ or reconise from when you went to school.

    Any way this post will proberbly get deleted, but please help. :grin: :grin:
  2. "hey baby, the world always needs more beauty... we should make clones of you!"

    "oh wow your so pretty! Oh wait, no thats just my reflection"
  3. just walk right up and ask em 4 a root ..... 70% will slap ya face .... but the 30% that dont ... well ;););) .. go the 30%,ers
  4. I'm the same way, the anwser to this...


    and lots of it :grin:

    Seriously, if your shy you just have to start talking to girls your not interested in to build up confidence so you can talk to the ones that you are.
    Not that i have much success anyway :(
  5. Definately the wrong place for this post bud, this isn't Agony Aunt!

    But, go to this site and read all the articles by 'Doc Love', it'll clue you up ;)
  6. Wait till you get your bike and your leathers and you'll be beating then off with a stick.....

    {so I'm told.....}
  7. constructive advice: Just do it. you will eventually find someone who says yes. Look at me, Im dating someone, right? Do you know how many netriders aI had to PM, beg, plead, bribe before I finally snared one. Might have been alcohol involved but still.

    come out with mat and cosi and those study-dudly boys will give you you some tips ;)
  8. And WHERE in his post did he say he just wanted a root cats??? The poor boy wants a GF.. or a nice girl to go out with... not JUST a root... oh.. hang on... he's 19.. thats right... its all hormones & reflex at that age.. mmm correct that.. at ANY age for a bloke...

  9. Thought it was 1 in 10, or 10%, actually... but anyway. :p

    "Hi!" is usually a good start. Followed by: "Care to join me for a drink?" :wink:
  10. Dont you have any female friends? Do your friends have female friends? Get introduced to someone, head to some house parties, get a few drinks into your guts and go get chatty. Once you've broken the ice you'll probably find the conversation just flows naturally. Good luck :wink:
    A good friend of mine once said that if women didnt have t*ts, @ss or pu$$ies, men wouldnt give them the time of day :LOL:
  11. Just get out there and talk to em!!! About anything.. anything at all... if that particular one isnt interested .. dont be disheartened...talk to ANOTHER one... so on and so on ...sooner or later you will find one that you click with and can take it further... but hunny u GOTTA talk to em first ......and BTW.. IGNORE the advice from cats.. he's just a grumpy old man whose youth has vanished along with all his hair.. he is envious of you...

  12. nah.. men would throw rocks at us if we didnt have t!ts and pink bits... i am yet to find a male that honestly appreciates any of our OTHER attributes.....:):):)
  13. Kraven posted this recently:
    http://www.galaktek.com Very funny, if border-line offensive :grin:

    I've (almost) never asked a girl out whom I didn't know (like to know their character CV first), but it's a universal truth that the more you're looking for it, the further away it is, and vice versa it'll come when you're not looking.

    Focus on other more enduring aspects of life. Plenty of intelligent attractive people I know, both male and female, never started in a relationship till their early-mid 20's. The confidence just comes naturally, eventually, and the more rounded you are otherwise, the more attractive you are (combined with: "And yet he's also a bad boy - he rides a motorcycle!" :LOL: ). There's nothing wrong with being single, and perhaps it's better to focus on why you feel such a need (sounds like amateur psych, but there's truth in it).

    Ps those looks "from girls when about shopping and stuff" probably isn't what you think, and you've failed to recognise when the real looks and interest come. In absence of experience, read up on it (go to the Self-help section of your bookstore).
  14. [/quote]

    first ......and BTW.. IGNORE the advice from cats.. he's just a grumpy old man whose youth has vanished along with all his hair.. he is envious of you...

    rubbish ...... my removed hair is my choise :p:p:p:p
  15. I appreciate you Xena, and you're so right - it's so bad of those other guys. Not that I don't find myself hard and silent also, but understand that for some of us there's a heart under all that muscle that just wants to listen and share, and view you as so much more than someone to date and elsewise.

    ...so, what are you doing tonight? :wink:
  16. OOOOOHHHHHH the boy can talk the talk....:) Its my birthday today, having a few noisy drinks and a jump in the spa... u offering to be my birfday pressie???? :wink:
  17. Just dont stay in the cake while it's being cooked :wink:
    PS- Girls are great, I've been with mine for 28 months on New Years Day, and although we've had some rough spots, we're still mad for each other :)
  18. I'm just "offering to be" there for you, full stop. Though I should warn you I can't offer you any predictability...only my strength and the stability of knowing we're in this adventure together.

    (Pay attention, TimVTR250)
  19. Can you cook? :D :D :D
  20. This thread is beginning to read like a cheesy daytime soap :roll: