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Picking up bike tomorrow!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DaveS, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Did my pre-learner course last week and test drove a Scorpio, GS500 and Intruder cruiser last week.
    I found the Scorpio to be very easy to ride and enjoyed the GS500 but I've decided to buy a 2001 Honda CB250N and I'm picking it up from a dealer in Sydney in the morning then have to drive back to the Central Coast...
    Hopefully trade up to a bigger bike in a few months.
    I'm planning to take a slow route via the back strrets then join the Old Pacific Highway and cruise home.
    I'm a bit worried but I'm happy to take as long as it takes at a comfortable pace.
    Anyway, just thought I'd say hi.


  2. Welcome Aboard Dave!
  3. Easy bike to ride, I enjoyed doing my license test on one.
  4. Well done on your purchase.

    Good luck on your ride back tomorrow, I'm doing pretty much the same but went for a GS500f. Didn't test ride any bikes beforehand though :oops:


  5. Well done, congrats!!

    I bought my bike last weekend (Suzuki GSF250V). I've only ridden on the Stay Upright carpark track and haven't even gotten over 25km/hr there, I asked the seller to ride it over to my place as I wasn't confident enough yet.

    I still am not super confident to ride in heavy traffic, having troubles with going from stand still cause the clutch engages very late and the Bandit is so high revving. Stalled it on fairly large intersection a few times, a little intimidating when there is a truck, 4x4 behind that starts to move up too close while you're trying to get it together after stalling. So now I'm mainly doing quiet residential streets till I can get it right everytime.
  6. Congrats mate. Your first bike is a very exciting time, I should know I've had mine for a week !!

    It doesn't take long to get comfortable, just make sure you're never too comfortable.
  7. Well got home intact!
    Picked the bike up form Alto Motorbikes in Chatswood - they were unbelievably friendly and made me feel more relaxed. I had to buy all the gear then sign the papers for the bike, stuff my street clothes in a backpack and head off into the Sydney traffic...
    I joined the Pacific Highway after Hornsby and had a great run all the way to Road Warriors where I stopped for a rest and coffee.
    By the time I got to the Central Coast it was rush hour but I got home ok with no dramas.
    The whole trip was 145 km and I'm knackered now!!
    All in all a good start.
  8. WooHoooo :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Congratulations on the bike and the HUGE ride straight up!! I've had my license since September and am only just starting to tackle big distances on my own!
  9. Huge first ride! Is it the first road ride?

    How is the ride on Old Pacific Hwy? I've seen heaps of riders on there on the weekends, must be a popular weekend cruise?

    Alto at Chatswood. I went there a couple of weeks ago to look at a VTR250 (advertised on bikesales.com.au), when I got there a guy had just signed on the dotted line for it. Shame cause it looked rool noice too. They had another one but it was out of my price range.
  10. Yeah from my experience the guys at Alto are very helpful and aren't afraid to let you test ride.
  11. Yeah, first road ride! Feel more relaxed about riding to work now, that's only a few K on pretty quiet roads.
    Had a few interesting experiences, a fire engine came blasting through an intersection in Hornsby as I was going right so I just sped up and stuck to my path, and old lady decided to do a 3 point turn in Woy Woy right in front of me with little warning but I had spotted her as abit of a hazard so had already covered the front brake and all went well.
    I got heaps of nods on the Pacific Highway, that road is great for bikes.
    I had to do a few k's on the freeway to get to Gosford and that was a bit terrifying, I wont do that again until I get a bigger bike.
    I stmbled upon Alto bikes doing a search for cheap second hand 250's on the net but I have to say they were great. A bit like a family-run country bike shop but right in the middle of Sydney. I'll go back there for my next bike.
  12. Looks like riding to work is going to a bit of a let down after your first ride !! :)