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Picking up a dropped motorcycle by yourself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 1600Nomad, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Thanks for that. I dropped my bike in our driveway on my way to work last year and there was NO way I could lift it. Had to leave it there and go off to work, getting hubby to lift it when he got home later. Seeing a bike down on our driveway caused all sorts of drama with our neighbour who even rang the Police about it. I was impressed to see the clip showed a woman lifting a Harley, that gives me a bit of hope I might be able to do that (not that I ever intend to drop it again)
  2. ...I don't know about the rocking motion :S. You'd do more damage to the bike and if the tyre is not touching the ground while you push your butt against the seat it might actually push the bike further along the tarmac. Remember the demonstration is done on a rubber mat. Different story to a tarmac and a non flat surface.
  3. Your welcome, seems to be coming up a bit in discussion here and there so sharing the info was the least i could do! :)

    No one wants to drop there bike but crap happens and with the right technique it is possible, how i know this is my nomad weighs 350kg and me at a 70kg and far from buff managed to pick my bike up using this technique :)
  4. Can't see the clip at the moment - but is that the one with Loz in his back yard?
  5. Its the one with the woman in a room with a sportster, very "instructional" voice and all lol :)
  6. Having dropped several bikes in the 200kg + class & been lucky each time but one to have a bystander to assist, I eventually took the line of least resistance & bought a lightweight bike. Much more betterer!
    There's nothing like being a weakling & having to pick up your bike when you've dropped it while trying to do a U-turn on a steep incline to focus the mind on the problem. (Dickhead - I should have walked it around).
    That was a couple of years before I saw the clip of the girl picking up her Harley. Good for her.
  7. It's worth looking up the one Loz did, it's around here some place... also on youtube somewhere... his approach is light and breezy.
  8. Great page/clip 1600Nomad, thanks for sharing.

    Does anyone want to lend me their Harley for a couple of hours so I can practice? ;)
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  9. Dunno about that rocking motion in that clip, it is not like you are storing energy in a spring to use to get the bike upright. Seems like rocking the bike would just make you tired. I use the arse-to-bike method as per the clip but without any rocking motion. I still get to do it every year or so, whenever I get clumsy. I helped a motorcycle copper pick up his full dress BMW tourer up once after he fell over sideways. He was most embarrased ;)

    The bike in that clip conveniently fell:
    - sidestand in the air, so they didn't have to worry about it falling over again the opposite way after lifting
    - with the wheel to the right and the down-side handlebar inwards, it can be more difficult if the bike falls so the down-side handlebar is outwards.

    If the method in the clip fails, standing around next to a laying down bike looking helpless for a few seconds usually brings plenty of help!
  10. I was wondering about that, but if you watch the whole clip it turns out they actually do go on to explain what to do if the bike falls stand side down.
  11. well with a name like cream puff and standing around looking helpless could work lol )[DOUBLEPOST=1357595641][/DOUBLEPOST]its a good post ta , my missus cant pick her bike up,
    plus the added stress / panic makes it difficult
    for anyone
  12. yes when i was watching the clip also i thought gee they are been ideal in which side the bike falls yet just as the end the other side is covered, lucky otherwise another thing to complain about with HD :p
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    Here it with an 1800 Goldwing

    Why doesn't video link work?
  14. I didn't realise a Goldwing could lean over so far.:rofl:
  15. There's a vid around of a <50kg woman lifting up a Goldwing.
  16. Goldwing, BMW with horizontal pots, or bikes with large panniers....
    don't lay completely on the ground (they sit up a bit); therefore, you do not have to squat down as far, and far easier to 'walk it up' even if it weighs alot.
    So, some of these video's can be deceptive (unless you have similar bikes), however, the technique is what I use, but it is a lot more of a struggle, especially if on a loose/slippery surface or on an incline.
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  17. Makes me feel a bit better now about not being able to get my bike upright, it was on an incline, facing downhill.