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Picking up a dropped bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sher, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. so i will admit that i did happen to drop the aquila a lil bit on the v steep driveway :oops: and managed to hold it against my thigh till the boys from next door could help me out but now i am wondering what techniques there could be for a girly for picking up a dropped bike not wanting to have to wait for some great big burly man to help me out if this happens. See the triumph i long for even though it only weighs 205kg (sigh) is still keeping me at bay for this picking up reason. any suggestions?

  2. pump weights?
  3. seriously though sher, that driveway is way steep and i dont think there is anything u cld have done to pick it up yourself.
    please make sure next time u use the right gear and attack it at the right angle and u wont have any problems
  4. Grab one handle, grab the frame at the rear, under the seat. crouch down and push it up with your legs.

    Your legs are pretty much the strongest part of your body, so using them instead of your back, arms or whatever else makes it a bit easier to do.
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  6. fantastic, thx heaps birdrock oh and vani hun thx for pointing it out, two words for u sweetness "deprived" and "you" hahaha
  7. thats a good Technique yes ............ however it wont work on gravel .......... all you will do is push the bike along ... just something to remember if you happen to ditch on a dirt / gravel road
  8. I was told once by a tiny petite female rider of a Hornet 600, "don't worry, you'll never have to pick your bike up yourself" and she was right.

    Thank god for that, cause its really heavy :shock:
  9. I was taught how to pick up a dropped bike when i went for my L's, but i realised when i dropped my bike for the 1st time you forget all of that and just break your back trying to get it up as fast as you can while swearing and praying that there is no damage done to your baby. :)
  10. Id go with Bluplets technique and rely on adrenaline for the strength you need....
  11. I've picked up various bikes utilising adrenaline alone. As soon as it happens you just want to get it back up asap so you just do it!!! :cool:
    However when i had to pick up my GS1000E after a big off, i just couldn't do it, that thing was a lump of lead. :( Had to get help to move it off the highway. Luckily the car that nearly hit it from behind was nice enough to stop and help!! :grin:
    If i had to do it again i'd probably use the reverse lifting technique where you stand with you back to the bike. Crouchdown, grab something at the back with your left hand and then a handlebar with your right hand and as you lift up walk backwards. Use your leg strength to get the bike upright and you minimise the chances of hurting your back. Just make sure you don't overbalance and let the bike drop onto the other side! :p
  12. I live on a gravel/dirt road and thats where I dropped mine. It may only be a 250 but I cant lift it by myself. I used Skerts technique succesfully with two additions. Kneeling first I lifted it till the tyres touched the ground and then stuffed my jacket under to keep it there. Then I gouged a channel in the dirt , just a small one , where each tyre was touching the road. Then used Skerts technique and up it went easy.

  13. Now that's a good idea :applause: stops the beast from skidding.

    Andrenalin works well, if you re quick enough. but the best method IMHO is the reverse push, using your legs for power, and pulling down on a bar (either one) to get the front wheel to help lever the beast past the hardest bit, when the wheels touch the ground again.

    Bugger Sher, hope it's not too scratched, and hope you didn't get hurt (see Vani, that's wot YOU should have asked :p :p )
  14. yeah that will work ... the hassle with all these Techniques is that you have to have the strength to lift it till the wheels hit the ground to start with ... if i recall a female started this thread ..... some people males included havent got the strength to get the bike to that point .. weather it be age or stature , fraility ...
  15. Tried it......doesn't work. Adrenaline does't help at all, although it sounds good.

    Every time I've attempted the "backwards" method of picking it up, a man has appeared and pushed me out of the way... So I've never had a go at that, but it should work.
  16. Thats how they teach you to pick up goldwings... Should be good for anyone whos having trouble picking up their bike...
  17. I had a bugger of a time recently when the Hornet dropped off the sidestand and slid a bit so the bars and seat were poking ever so slightly out over a very steep mountain embankment with a drop of 40ft or so underneath.

    I had to dig my feet in to the soft dirt on the side of the ciff and push it up from there, wondering whether it was going to give way under my feet and I'd fall with the bike coming down after me...


    Got it up though!
  18. How the hell do you knock a Goldwing over???? :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Most bikes really are a piece of piss to pick up, especially a cruiser with it's low CoG. It all simply comes down to TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE. Just like most martial arts, somewith more Great technique could throw someone around a room, much easier then a slightly stronger person with bad techniwue. However i don't like the reverse method. I would prefer to use the same technique as the reverse method but FACE the bike instead.:

    1. Face the side of the bike that the fuel tank is lying on.

    2. With either the left or right hand (depending on side it dropped) Grab the handle bars and bring it to full lock as this will help stop it falling over onto the other side.

    3. with your other hand grab a solid part of the rear of the bike. e.g Pillion peg bracket, grab rail, underseat (not ant part of actual seat as the seat release may be weak or 'let go') or part of the frame.

    4. while crouching as close to the bike as comfortable, using your legs, push up as if you were lifting a box.

    5. As the bike gets higher walk towards it, then when it is nearly upright either throw a leg over it and sit down or apply the front brake (if on the right side) to help stabilise things.

    I just feel using this method is safer (less chance of falling over the other side if you lift it to fast) and EASIER then the 'reverse' method because you are using your legs AND you upper body strength aswell. Have you ever tried picking up a box in 'reverse'. It is much easier to lose your balance backwards then forwards and if you do you can atleast step over the bike rather then landing on it with your back (seem it happen)

    It was also the method outlined in AMCN for 'picking up a dropped bike'


  20. Maybe if you get a little to uh.. comfortable (read: chinese eyed pete ;) ) and forget to put your foot down at the lights :p

    N1GH7-R1D3R - I think the reverse method is taught to minimise harm to your spine, when your picking it up reversed your back should naturally arch if you pick it up forward facing you can bend forward arching your back the wrong way allowing you to do damage...