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Pickin up Bike today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. What up guys n gals.
    Im pickin up my bike today. Its a little overcast. Have to ride it from Heidelberg to Berwick....If it rains im not going to get it but I was thinkin of comin back to work (docklands) and waiting till about 7.30 till the traffic clears up a bit so I can get home safely...

    Anyone able to offer any last minute advice that I may have missed...Its my first time on the actual roads and as usual a little 'scared' lol.

    I've been reading every post in here for the last week and I think Im pretty prepared but doing the deal and reading about it is very different.


  2. welcome and congrats.... just be careful of new tyres and very slippery in the wet....apart from that stay relaxed and enjoy your first ride :)
  3. Just relax, it's OK if you stall, don't panic, be smooth and oh yeah relax.

    Welcome to the road :grin:
  4. and you don't need to impress the dealer as you take the bike out. Ask them to take it out on the road for you. Then spend 5 min thinking about riding it away and slowly ride away.. You can't imagine how many riders dropped the bike right there, in front of the dealer..

    Also, check out the bike before you take it.. Scratches dents etc.. Their young apprentice could have done something bad this morning and told no one and then your new bike has a dent, one you'll have to pay for.. So take your time and look at the bike for a while. Tell the dealer thanks and goodbye and then spend 10 min checking out your new pride!!!

    Wet weather + new tyres .. :cry: :cry:

    Take it easy....
  5. Waiting til it's easy sounds like a good plan. Yes, relaxing is probably most important. If you panick or lock up your arms, the bike can't do what you want it to.

    You're a learner? Have your L plate ready to put on the bike for the trip home. Even ring the dealer to see if they can have one on ready for you. When you're really wobbly and stalling, etc people generally give you space if you have that big yellow warning sign. They only do the intimidation stuff when you're riding better yet still have to wear the thing.

    Remember you have every right to be on the road, so use your whole lane, sit proud (you're a biker!), and enjoy your ride :grin:

  6. Thanks guys. Will keep that in mind. I hold the handlebars way too tight...I have to activley think about it and loosen up the grip.
  7. Yep classic mistake, I rode my new bike home when I got it and stalled a couple of times and ended up going the long way as I was bit worried about crossing a couple of busy intersections. Do NOT rush
  8. Bah. Didnt get the bike. Will be getting it 10am tomorrow. Cant wait...Woooot!
  9. Whatdya get?